Friday Favorites – 4/7/23

Happy Friday! Happy Passover and happy almost Easter if you celebrate! We have been enjoying some summery spring weather this week. That means a lot of outside time and very happy Parsons! Here are my favorites from the week.

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Favorite 1: SUNSHINE!! Oh my goodness, this week had been GORGEOUS!!! I have been spending as much time as possible outside. I ran or walked most evenings and it felt great! I love that hot face feeling that I get after a run like that!

I brought a beach chair out and have been reading and watching the kids play on the deck. It was supposed to rain yesterday afternoon, so I decided to read until it rained. Well, it didn’t rain until almost 6 so I finished my book. It was lovely!

Favorite 2: BOOKS!! I had the fabulous opportunity to meet Jennifer Robson. Tuesday was the publication day of her newest book and our library/bookstore hosted her! Coronation Year looks so good and I cannot wait to read it! She shared a few photos that inspired her writing with us. Jennifer was so funny and knows her British Royalty stuff!

As an added bonus, she was in conversation with Eliza Knight. As I was talking to Jennifer before the presentation, Eliza realized I taught her daughter in kindergarten!

It was so fun to reconnect and I can’t wait to read her book, too! Our library/bookstore is hosting Eliza in June for her newest book and I am planning on going back for that one!

Favorite 3: CLOTHES!! I am still doing my best to wear what’s in my closet and not buy much. Here’s what I’ve been wearing lately.

I did see these two cute dresses and bags online and I couldn’t turn them down. I’m not sure I need two bags, but they are both so me! All four are from Walmart and I sized down to a small in the dresses.

I also picked up this cute quarter zip and skort at TJ Maxx last week. It is from the Tommy Bahama golf line and so comfy!

Favorite 4: RUNNING!! I’ve been using the Peloton app walk+run outside workouts to get back to running. I love them! The music is great and the instructor tells me exactly what to do. I was doing a Selena Samuela workout on Wednesday and she had us shuffle. I’d never heard of it but its a run that is about the same speed as a power walk. I incorporated the shuffle into my walk yesterday and ended up running (shuffling) more than I thought I would.

I picked these shorts up on clearance at Dick’s last fall and I still love them. I also loved that when it was in the 60s in the morning and the 80s in the afternoon, I could match all day!

Favorite 5: WORKOUTS! I mentioned those Peloton outdoor workouts , but I am loving the strength workouts too! One of my goals is to workout every school morning this month. I feel so much better when I do.

Favorite 6: SELF-TANNER!! My legs were blinding on Wednesday but it was definitely too hot to run in pants. I felt like I needed an alert that went ahead of me warning people of the blinding white legs coming! I used my Rodan and Fields self tanner Wednesday night and woke up with a little sunshine on Thursday. I am almost out of my self tanner and am looking to try a different one. I love the Isle of Paradise face tanning drops, so I’ve ordered their body mousse. Have you tried it?

Favorite 7: PEEP SHOW! Every year, the boys and I go to the Peep Show with my mom. It is a fundraiser art show for our local arts council and all of the entries are made with Peeps. My mom just had her knee replaced so she couldn’t go with us and we missed her. There were some great entries this year!

Favorite 7: MEME! This one made me laugh and I am so happy it was true! Our spring break started on Wednesday afternoon and goes until next Wednesday.

Hello Monday

We are staying home for spring break this year. I am hoping for a great mix of productivity and relaxation. Our washing machine should be delivered tomorrow! So the next few days will be full of washing clothes, sheets, and towels from the past few weeks. We’ll be home for Easter and I’m making our favorite Christmas Eve dinner. Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

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4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 4/7/23

  1. jgalvinwhite says:

    I love your Walmart finds! I bought the summer bag too. It’s currently holding the kids’ Easter gifts and candy. Ive been on a mission to self tan this week too 😆 I’ve been using the Jergen’s brand with mitt from Amazon and it gives just enough color…but I can’t wait to be tan haha
    I hope you have a great break!

  2. Joanne says:

    Those new dresses and bags are so cute!! I was thinking of both your and Holly today as I wore my first ever Lily shirt– and I just LOVE it! I already have my eye on another one.

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