Hello Monday – 4/3/23

Happy Monday! I’m here with Holly sharing some fun from our weekend. I hope you’ll link up with us for Hello Monday!

Friday was Jack’s birthday. We celebrated from the moment he woke up until the moment he went to bed. I started a tradition of putting some sort of balloons outside of his door on his third birthday. I try to do something different each year. Here we are at 14 and still going strong!

His celebration actually started on Thursday because he and Jeff went to the National game. It was opening day and they were playing Jack’s favorite team, the Braves. The Braves won and they had a great time!

On Friday, Jack wanted to have burgers for dinner and go to the simulator to play some golf. Luke had lacrosse practice so that worked out perfectly. Luke and I joined Jeff, Jack, and my dad at the simulator after practice. Then we all headed to my parents’ house for cake.

He wanted to keep celebrating by going out to breakfast on Saturday morning. Jack loves IHOP but we very rarely go. He had some delicious pancakes and loved it!

My college roommate Amy and her son were in DC for the weekend so we headed down to meet up with them. The weather was terrible in the morning but warmed up to a gorgeous afternoon. We got to DC before they were ready to meet. The cherry blossoms were still in bloom so we joined the thousands of other tourists and walked around the Tidal Basin.

The boys haven’t been to the Jefferson memorial, the FDR memorial, or the Martin Luther King, Jr. memorial. I’d never seen the FDR or MLK memorial, either. They were all beautiful and I’d like to go back to the MLK and FDR memorials to spend a little more time exploring and learning.

Then we tried to meet up with Amy at the zoo but we were 4 minutes too late. So they hopped in our car quickly. Thankfully it was quickly because I was carefully avoiding a idling/parking ticket by doing a 50 point turn. Haha!

After we couldn’t figure out how to park and get to a park, we ended up in Georgetown. We found these cool statues and trekked down these famous stairs.

We went to a delicious pizza restaurant, Paradise Pizza, and then dropped them off at the hotel. It was so great to see Amy and her son again! I’ve seen Amy 3 times in 7 months and the kids last saw each other in August. All three boys picked up right where they left off, which was absolutely fabulous! And it is always so great to catch up with Amy in person!

Sunday started out with two soccer games for Luke. They won both games and Luke played really well!

Jack had his first golf tournament and finished in the top 10. I didn’t make it and I forgot to remind Jeff to take some pictures. Oops!

It was windy but gorgeous today. When they weren’t playing sports, the kids spent a ton of time outside and I got a bunch done. I did a bunch of washing machine research because the washer officially died. Boo! We had a great family dinner to end the weekend and get ready for the week.

The kids and I start spring break on Wednesday afternoon and go back next Wednesday. Jeff starts his spring break on Thursday afternoon and goes back the next Monday. I am planning on posting Tuesday and Wednesday this week and maybe taking the rest of the week off. We’ll see. Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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  1. Joanne says:

    What a fabulous weekend!! It sounds like Jack had a wonderful birthday and that you all had fun in DC.

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