Friday Favorites – 3/10/23

Happy Friday! This week has been so out of the ordinary. I was off a bunch for doctor’s appointments and we just had one kid at home all week. It is still full of favorites, though!

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Favorite 1: LUKE!! Luke has been at outdoor school all week. In our county, all 6th graders go to sleep away camp for a week. I went in 6th grade and I got to go back as a counselor in high school. It is such an amazing experience and I know he’s having a blast. They do share pictures on social media so we’ve seen some smiles from my buddy! I am picking him up this afternoon and I cannot wait to hug him and then throw him in the shower!

Favorite 2: JACK!! It’s been nice to have a bunch of solo time with Jack. He’s a great kid and it’s been nice to focus on just him this week. We went out to dinner one night and we’ve been watching lots of basketball together.

Favorite 3: JEFF!! Jeff had an endoscopy yesterday so we were both off. He slept for a while after we got home, but we spent some time watching golf and hanging out before I went back to school for conferences.

Favorite 4: HAIRCUT!! I finally got my hair cut. It’s been over a year! I got 6+ inches cut off. It’s still straight so I’m not sure how short it will be when I wash it. I love it though!

Favorite 5: CHILI! We had our annual chili cook off at school this week. I didn’t make a chili this year, but there were a lot of delicious options. I love chili cook off lunch because we have some really good cooks at our school.

Favorite 6: PELOTON! I don’t have a Peloton treadmill or bike, but I love the app. I’ve been doing a calendar from the Facebook group Hardcore on the Floor. I love the class schedule and how I can vary the length of my workout based on my time available. I hit 50 strength classes this week. I’m hoping I can do a live class for my 100th.

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We have a pretty lowkey weekend, but I think we’ll fill it quickly. Luke has a soccer tournament and Jack has swim practice. The weather doesn’t look great so Jeff and Jack will probably go to my dad’s simulator at least once. I’m hoping to read and hear all about Luke’s fabulous week! Good luck with the time change everyone! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

11 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 3/10/23

  1. Stacie says:

    I love your new haircut! I have heard so many people recommend the Peloton app; sounds like I need to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Ruth says:

    I bet your son had a great time at camp. They do the same here for the kids in year six but they only go for two nights. My boys had the best time when they went on their camps years ago. I love your haircut. I need one too but I’m too lazy to go to the salon. I hope you have a great weekend.

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