Friday Favorites – 11/11/22

Happy Friday! Happy Veteran’s Day! Our family is so grateful for every single veteran. My Uncle Roger is a veteran and we are sending him an extra special thank you today! 🇺🇸 ❤️ 🤍 💙 🇺🇸

This was a fun but busy week and I have a bunch of favorites to share with you.

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Favorite 1: COOKING WITH THE BOYS!! Luke loves to watch kitchen hack videos on our Echo Show. On Sunday morning, he saw this egg sandwich hack so we made it. It was pretty good!

Jack chose to make Day of the Dead bread for a Spanish class project. He learned how to zest an orange and he worked on it all afternoon on Sunday. I was his sous chef and dishwasher. The big lesson I am trying to each my boys about cooking and working in the kitchen is cleaning up as you go because it makes it so much easier. Here’s hoping they were paying attention to that part!

Favorite 2: VOTING!! I always, always, always vote in the elections! This year I took Luke with me and Jeff took Jack later in the day. I love that we are teaching our boys how important it is to vote. As they get older, they are seeing how lucky we are to have the right to vote in our country!

How cute are these little future voters??

Favorite 3: ICE!! I was organizing our freezer and found a bag of ice. I bought it for something and we didn’t need it. I decided to use it when I’m getting ice at home and it brings me so much joy. It is really a ridiculous amount of joy!! I love good ice! I get ice from the cafeteria at school every day. The ice from our freezer ice maker is fine and I am grateful it works, but this bagged ice has made my drinks so much better this week!

Truthfully, I’d love to get a nugget ice maker but I don’t have a place to put it and I don’t want to give up anymore of my countertop space. Every so often I walk around the house looking for a perfect spot to put an nugget ice maker, but I haven’t found it yet.

Favorite 4: S’MORES!! I love s’mores and they are pretty good in our Ninja Foodie XL. I picked up these Halloween Peeps and forgot to give them to the kids before Halloween. When I found them last weekend, we made delicious Frankenstein s’mores!

Favorite 5: SUNSHINE!! The weather we had at the beginning of the week was absolutely heavenly! It was sunny and warm and I loved it. It almost made the time change and early darkness ok. It got chillier as the week went on, but we still had some bright sunshine! 😍

Favorite 6: BOOKS! I have been reading pretty quickly lately and I think it’s because I’m loving what I am reading. I shared a reading update on Tuesday and there are some great books on there!

Favorite 7: DAY OFF!! We didn’t have school on Tuesday for Election Day. Jack went to work with Jeff to shadow at his school. It was an early morning for the two of them!

Luke and I had an easy morning. We were both still in our pjs at 11 o’clock and it was wonderful. After the Today show, I watched Hallmark movies and caught up on a list of things that have been waiting for me.

The kids both skipped swim team practice Tuesday night and we had a great family dinner followed by a relaxing evening. I think I would do just fine if we had every Tuesday off. I don’t think that will happen though…

Hello Monday
Reading Lately
Let’s Look – Shopping for Mom

I am pretty excited for this weekend. It’s my annual girls trip/favorite things exchange. We always have the best time! I’m (over)packed and ready to go! I’ll be back Monday so be sure to come back then. Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 11/11/22

  1. scottaew says:

    What a nice week! Our beautiful weather is over and it is cold this am! I have read about half of the books you showed and I agree. I have had such a good fall of reading because I have had great books and I have been able to read outside – my fave.
    I always took my boys to the polls and one year they had a funny kids ballot that they did and thought was hilarious.

  2. rawsonjl says:

    Our ice maker can not keep up without ice demands so we often buy bags of ice to dump into it and I do feel like their ice lasts longer than the ones the ice maker makes. We have looked into a countertop ice maker as well but I’m not sure where to put it either!

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