Friday Favorites – 11/4/22

Happy Friday! This was the LONGEST week! All week I kept thinking it was the next day (Thursday on Wednesday, etc.) and that can make it drag! That was not a helpful addition to the week with Halloween and the day after for this elementary teacher! On the flip side, a loooooong week does give some extra time to find favorites.

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Favorite 1: HALLOWEEN!! My kids weren’t set on Halloween costumes this year and were cycling through our old costumes and jerseys all month. 20 minutes before they were heading out to trick-or-treat, they decided to join our neighbors and do a group costume. The neighbors were Snoopy and the Great Pumpkin. Jack was already wearing a read sweatshirt so he decided to be Linus. Luke decided to be the ghost Charlie Brown and carried a rock around with him. They both changed into jerseys when they came home to empty their candy bags. They headed next door for the great candy trade after trick-or-treating. The weather wasn’t great – chilly & misty – but the kids had a great time!

I wore my jack-o-lantern earrings one more time and paired them with my jack-o-lantern shirt for a Halloween outfit!

Favorite 2: BIRTHDAYS!! We celebrated Jeff’s dad’s birthday on Saturday and Tuesday. It was so much fun and great to get together!

Luke was so funny singing dramatically to Chief!! 😂

Favorite 3: SUNSHINE!! I know the sunrise and sunset will shift this weekend, but I’m enjoying seeing the sunrise when I get to work!

Favorite 4: DRESSES!! The weather has been AMAZING this week!! I said I was going to try to wear some dresses that I don’t like wearing with tights and I have. These little shift and swing dresses are super comfy and great for school!

The kids at school were so funny when I wore this. So many kids commented on how my earring matched my dress. They looked at me like it was a wild coincidence. 😂

Favorite 5: THANKSGIVING!! I welcomed the Thanksgiving season on Tuesday with my Thanksgiving shirt and shoes! They are so comfy and I love how festive they are! You can expect to see these shoes and my Thanksgiving shirts on repeat for the next three weeks!

Favorite 6: POOL!! I spent some time reading on deck at the indoor pool while the boys were at practice. It was very relaxing. I may need to make time for this a little more often!

Hello Monday

This weekend started out with a blank square on Saturday but now we’ve filled it with swim team practices, a soccer game, and a tee time. I am looking forward to all of them! I’m hoping to finish the books I am reading for school and make a good dent in Pineapple Street. The weather looks AMAZING!!! I am hoping that all of us get the memo about that extra hour of sleep!! Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

5 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 11/4/22

  1. scottaew says:

    I literally laid out in the sun yesterday after school! I was in shorts and a tank with a good book. I say get outside when the weather is like that or you will regret it! What a week, right? Lots of good, but man I’m tired!

  2. rawsonjl says:

    It sounds like a fun week. I felt like this week was really long too… I kept thinking we were one day ahead of what we actually were.

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