Friday Favorites – 10/14/22

Happy Friday! I cannot believe we are halfway through October already! All of my favorites this week come from one thing – the mail! My front porch has been getting a lot of action lately and I am not sad about it!

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Lilly Sale

I’ve been showing you all along the items I got from Lilly’s Sunshine Sale, but everything is finally in. I am thrilled with my purchases and I even got one extra thing from a colleague that didn’t love something. Woohoo!!

Usually my Lilly sale items come in a very discreet brown box. They have clear security tape with red writing and I love knowing that the boring brown box has bright colors inside. Also, it is great for camouflaging how many items are joining my collection. This year was a little different. I had a lot of things come from stores and they arrive in these lovely, can’t miss it, pink floral envelopes.

I purchased things in a few separate orders and didn’t realize just how many things I got in the same print, Splendor in the Sand. Don’t get me wrong, I love it but I need to keep track of my prints next time!

I ended up with a dresses, rompers, jackets, tops, shorts, skorts, a can cooler, and a beach cooler. I did pretty well!

I’ve started to wear a few things as the weather allows, so here they are out in the wild. ☺️

I bought the beach cooler and thought it would make a great lunch box. It does, but it is a little bigger than I imagined.

When I wear matching Lilly prints, I call it my Palm Beach camouflage. 🤩


I haven’t been buying many books lately, but I did get these four. I can’t wait to read Endless Summer by Elin! I have been hearing about Tranquility by Tuesday on a few podcasts and am excited to read that too. I picked up the other two books, Life Skills and Guy Talk, for the boys to peruse.

Other Fun Mail

Our school counselor shared that Unity day is October 19 and she would be wearing one of these shirts and would love for everyone to join her. Mine came this week and I love the message! I’ll be wearing it next Thursday!

Holly had these cute Hocus Pocus bracelets last week and I knew I had to have them. They were a big hit in the elementary school this week and I love them! I’ll keep wearing the bracelets without words all year.

I have trouble resisting a holiday Swig, especially when I have a big coupon! How cute is this one?

After sleeping in the guest room this summer when I was in Q or Jeff was, I realized we could use some new pillows. I’ve been casually looking and Christina recommended these for Amazon prime days. I got them on a lightening deal. They just arrived on Thursday night. I’m going to try them out this weekend so I’ll let you know what I think.

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Weekend Recap

The UPS, USPS, and Fed Ex drivers have been visiting us quite a bit and it has been so fun to pull into the driveway and see the packages waiting! Have you had any great deliveries lately? Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

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  1. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady says:

    Oh so much goodness in one post! Love all of your Lilly- so funny about that print- I gravitate towards the same ones too! Some of my all time favorites are She She Sells, Psychedelic Sunshine and Just for the Halibut (the names are half the fun!)…so glad you liked the Hocus Pocus bracelets and snagged them for yourself-too funny! YES to a Holiday Swig- so so cute- have a great weekend 🙂

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