Not Just A Mom – 9/13/22

Happy Tuesday! I am linking up with the Not Just A Mom ladies for September. This month we are sharing favorite workout places.

I think it goes without saying that my favorite workout place is the beach! I love to walk on the beach and run on flat roads near the beach. In addition to making my body feel stronger, my heart and brain feel so good after I exercise in that salty air.

While the beach is my favorite, I can’t be there every day. So I exercise in my basement. It is not glamorous or fancy, but it has everything I need and it is always open.

The white drawers have a variety of bands. I have dumbbells from 2-15 lbs and kettlebells from 5-25 lbs.

Jeff just added a tv into this area for me so I can connect my iPad. I love having it. I recently got a workout bench and it is so nice to not improvise with the rocker from the boys’ nursery, chairs from the kids’ table, or this kitchen chair.

I typically do the Faster Way to Fat Loss workouts, but I have been adding in Moves by Madeline and Peloton workouts. A friend just added me to a Facebook group called HardCore on the Floor and I am hoping to follow the Peloton workout calendars there next week.

What workouts do you love? Do you have any to recommend that would work in a basement gym like this one?

I am trying to get my workouts done in the morning before school because that is the only way I can guarantee I’ll get it done. I do like to walk about 2 miles during the boys’ practices in the evening to complement the weights I lift in the mornings.

Hopefully if you are reading this between 5 and 6 am I’m in the basement. If you’re reading this after 6, I’ve been to the basement gym and I am back upstairs getting ready for the day. Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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