Friday Favorites – 9/2/22

Happy Friday! I cannot believe it is already September!! This week has been a blur! I went back to work and my parents took the kids away for a few days. I worked late every night and feel like I will be ready for the first day of school when I leave this afternoon.

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Before I get to the rest of the post, I want to share this favorite. I mean it with all of my heart! Summer was so good this year!! I won’t stop participating in summer until 9:03 pm on September 22nd.

I am sharing one of my favorite favorites today – reading! I am still trying to figure out when to share what I’ve been reading since the Show Us Your Books link up ended. For August, I landed on today. Since I last shared my books, I’ve read 8 books!

What She Ate: Six Remarkable Women and the Food that Tells Their Stories by Laura Shapiro (audio) ☀️☀️☀️☀️

This was a tricky book to rate. I didn’t love it but I did find each woman’s story interesting.

Rivals by Katharine McGee (American Royals #3) ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

This series is so fun! It’s wild to imagine what America would be like if George Washington decided to be king. This book ended on a big cliffhanger and I can’t wait for number 4, whenever it comes out!

Out of the Clear Blue Sky by Kristan Higgins ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

Oh my goodness! I had heard that this book would make you laugh out loud and and burst into tears. That is exactly what it did! I cried my way through a section on the beautiful white sand beaches of Orange Beach and laughed out loud on an airplane reading another part. I loved this book!

Vacationland by Meg Mitchell Moore ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

I loved this book too!! Meg Mitchell Moore’s books are great summer reads and this one did not disappoint. Set in coastal Maine, it is a beautiful story of family with a lovely setting. I’ve officially added Maine to our vacation list.

The Hotel Nantucket by Elin Hilderbrand ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️➕

Elin did it again!! I tried to read The Hotel Nantucket as slowly as possible to savor every page but I found myself speeding through it so I could find out what happened. The Blue Book at the end is truly a love letter to Nantucket. Elin made it so easy to plan a trip to Nantucket! I’m thinking girls weekend September 2023, because September is still summer!

Gilt by Jamie Brenner ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

I was so excited to read this after hearing Jamie Brenner talk about it in NYC. It did not disappoint! I loved the family drama and talk of gorgeous jewelry. I loved that there were characters from another Jamie Brenner book, but I can’t remember which book.

The Bodyguard by Katherine Center ☀️☀️☀️☀️

This was a great book, too. It was a fun summer read with some romance and family stories. Right up my alley!

Every Summer After by Carley Fortune ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

Whoa! I’d heard about this book all spring and summer. I finally got around to reading it and I am so glad I did. It started out a little slow, interesting but slow. Let me tell you, when it picked up it was so so good! I loved it! Absolutely loved it!

Currently Reading: This Time Tomorrow by Emma Straub

Currently Reading: Carrie Soto is Back by Taylor Jenkins Reid

I am so exited to read Carrie Soto is Back! I requested it from our library and got it on the day it was released, but it’s only available to read on the app and not on my kindle. I may return it and buy it. I hate reading on my phone and iPad. What do you think? Should I power through or bite the bullet and buy it??

Don’t forget you can always see what I’ve been reading on my Books 2022 page.

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I am excited for our three day weekend. Luke has a soccer tournament and we have have a few plans with friends. I am hoping to spend a bunch of our free time outside and at the pool. Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!!

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7 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 9/2/22

  1. Jinjer says:

    I always love reading your posts and it sounds like you read some really good books this summer!

    I do have one question that has been bugging me to death and I hope you will not be offended by the question. In your picture where you are reading sitting in a chair on the beach, why are you facing AWAY from the water? LOL I would think one would want to glance up from their book and see the ocean view. No? Was there an even better view behind you?

    • sunshineandbooksblog says:

      Hi Thanks for reading! Every summer I take a picture reading on the beach and I like to have the ocean in the background so I am facing away from the water. I usually turn my chair around pretty quickly after. When my boys were younger, I would face away from the water if they were playing in the sand just to keep an eye on them. But they’re bigger now so it’s just for a good picture. Have a great weekend!

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