Friday Favorites – 7/29/22

Happy Friday! We had another great week with another Monday-Wednesday trip. I’ll share more of our trip next week with all the details. I have a bunch of favorites to share with you, so let’s get to it!

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Favorite 1: SUNSHINE!! We had a quick summer shower last night at the pool and a rainbow!

The sunset on our train ride home was gorgeous. It was a great ending to our trip!

Favorite 2: BOOKS! I have been reading a ton lately! I shared what I’ve been reading lately on Tuesday and there are a lot of great books there!

Favorite 3: AUTHORS!! As I was planning our trip to New York, I got a promotional email from Jamie Brenner and realized that she was going to have an event while I was there. I love Jamie Brenner’s books and she is one of my favorite authors that I haven’t met yet. So I did a little research, emailed Jamie to figure out how it all worked. She was so lovely and emailed me right back. I was all set to meet Jamie Brenner, Fiona Davis, and Brenda Janowitz! All three ladies were there together, I could not believe my luck! There were only about 25-30 people there and I loved every single minute!

Favorite 4: NYC!! I got a great deal on train tickets to New York Cityway back in February and decided that this was the week to go. Jeff had only been to NYC for a quick overnight when we went to the NBA draft and the boys had never been. I planned a packed trip and we saw a ton! We were in the city for about 52 hours and walked almost 30 miles. Jack and Luke both have a list of things they want to do when we go back, so I’m taking that as a sign that they had a great time! I’ll share all the details next week, but here are a few sneak peeks.

Favorite 5: PACKING CUBES!! We have taken two Monday-Wednesday trip and have 2 more short trips planned for this summer. Packing cubes have made organizing our clothes so easy! I can pack Jack’s, Luke’s, and my clothes in one carry on size suitcase with our three packing cube sets. This system keeps me from over packing, makes it easy to stay organized in our room, helps me repack dirty clothes, and makes unpacking super easy!

Favorite 6: SUMMER!! I love everything about summer so much that I even have a fun Summer Sarah persona. As people are talking about back to school (shhhh!!!) and how summer is almost over, I am still going strong.

I go back to work one month from today and I am looking forward to this month! Sunshine, books, family, and fun! You cannot beat that!

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The boys have their final swim meet and swim team banquet this weekend. I am hoping the weather cooperates and we have a few lovely days. It looks like sunny and mid 80s right now – perfect! I am hoping to have a Saturday post this week, so be sure to come back tomorrow and check. Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

8 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 7/29/22

  1. scottaew says:

    Train travel is my favorite! How cool to get to go to NYC! It would be fun to go once a season and see it in each of them. That might be a lot, though! The author meet ups are just so cool. I don’t think I have ever gotten to meet one.

  2. Angela Pino says:

    Are those Lilly Pulitzer packing cubes??? They’re adorable! I had no idea she made cubes. I’ve also never heard about the Reading Room in Bryant Park but I’m looking it up now! It looks like you had a great trip to NYC!

  3. rawsonjl says:

    It sounds like you had a fabulous trip! I am so excited for you that you got to meet 3 more authors!!

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