Monthly Musings – 6/30/22

Happy Thursday! It’s the last Thursday of the month so I am linking up with Holly and Patty to answer 10 fun seasonal questions. I love thinking about my answers and seeing everyone else’s answers, too!

Before we get to the questions, I want to wish my mom a very happy birthday!! I can’t wait to celebrate my mom all day and weekend!!

1. Favorite summer destination?

The beach, of course! Give me all the sunshine, tons of books, and ocean waves in the background.

2. Do you prefer warm or cold trips?

Warm trips are my favorite! I love hot weather! My kids want to go to Alaska and I would love to go back, but I always prefer warm weather.

3. Are you traveling this summer? Flying? Driving?

We are traveling and we are taking planes, trains, and automobiles. We are flying out Atlanta and Alabama. We are riding the train to NYC. We are driving to the Outer Banks and Williamsburg. I am so excited for all of our trips!

4. Ocean? Lake? Mountains?

My first instinct is always ocean. I just love the salt and the sand.

We have taken some mountain and lake vacations and had a great time there too.

The ocean is still my favorite though!

5. Best travel tips to share?

Well, this summer I’d say take the first flight out of town because they are less likely to be delayed or canceled.

My best road trip tip for traveling with little kids was to never let them eat in the restaurant. We often stopped for lunch or dinner at a fast food restaurant with a playground. Jeff and I would eat while the kids played on the playground for about 20-25 minutes. Then they would eat once we got back in the car. It was perfect because they could burn off some energy and eating in the car killed some time for them, too.

I always try to take an extra packing cube to separate dirty laundry while we are on the road. It helps the kids stay organized in their suitcases. Before packing cubes, I packed an entire outfit in a gallon bag for the kids. At the end of each day they put their dirty clothes back in the bag. That works, too.

6. Vacation budget tips?

We always pack breakfast and lunch. That saves a bunch of money. We tend to bring our own drinks, rather than buy them in a resort town. When we go to the beach, we go to the beach and don’t do a lot of amusement parks or other adventures. So that is pretty budget friendly.

7. Overpacked? Underpacker?

Underpacker – what is that??? I am getting better about not overpacking quite as much, but I like to have options when I get somewhere.

8. Vacation planned in advance? Last minute adventure?

I try to plan it in advance, but I am not doing the best job of it. I’ve planned our summer destinations this year but I need to finish up the details. I like to take last minute adventures, too. Those tend to be day trips though.

9. Group vacations or your immediate family?

We vacation with anyone. I try to do a just the four of us vacation every year. We also travel with friends and extended family.

10. If you have them, do you travel with pets?

We don’t have pets. I don’t think we would travel with them if we did.

Well, that was fun! I am ready to get traveling right now! Have a great day full of suday full of sunshine and books!

5 thoughts on “Monthly Musings – 6/30/22

  1. rawsonjl says:

    Love all these beach photos!! We don’t spend nearly enough time relaxing on our vacations and I fully admit that is all my fault. I am always torn between chilling in chair, reading my book and getting out to explore.

  2. jhohadli says:

    Sounds fun. I am on an island in the Caribbean so it’s sunshine and the ocean for me. I could do without the sand though. Alaska is on my list of places I’d like to visit even though I’m not built for the cold.

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