What’s Up Wednesday – 6/29/22

Happy Wednesday! It’s the last Wednesday of the month so I am sharing what we’ve been up to. Let’s get to it!

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I love so much about summer!! I pretty much love it all! I love my evening walks. Sometimes Jeff goes with me and other times I go alone. Either way, it’s great!

I’ve been reading a bunch! I read on my deck, at the pool, at soccer practice, and before bed. There’s so much great reading time in the summer.

We’ve been playing more games lately. I love quick games that are self contained. Luke and I played Cinco Linko a bunch this week.

The pool has been so fun lately. Both boys have a big friend group there this summer and it is so great!

I’ve been painting my nails more now that our evenings are a little slower. My favorite color of all time is Pink Sands by Olive & June. I’ve also used Sun-rise Up and Mexico City Move-Mint this week.

I’ve been looking at weight benches for a little while. I found one on Facebook marketplace last weekend. It was brand new and a great price. I did my first workout with it yesterday and I love it!


This week is basketball camp week. Jeff takes some kids from his basketball team to the camp at his school. It means there are a bunch of boys shooting hoops in my driveway every morning and Luke’s usually running around in his pjs. Those same boys are back on our driveway hoop for a little while after camp too. They have so much fun!

We had our first away swim meet in years! It was so good to be back. The kids did well and had so much fun!

We were supposed to go to a concert last Friday but it was postponed because Jack Johnson has covid. We are looking forward to seeing him in a few weeks.

I am trying a new workout app. I signed up for Madeline Moves three days before I got covid so I haven’t done many workouts. I started yesterday and I think I have it figured out. I love prescribed workouts. I am so much more likely to do them than if I have a ton of choices to pick from. The Faster Way has daily workouts, too, but it’s pretty pricy. Madeline Moves is only $20/ month, so I am giving it a shot.


Absolutely nothing! Well, maybe one thing. I am not looking forward to the school supplies sections that pop up right after the Fourth of July. Calm down stores! We don’t go back to school until September!


I am working on media curriculum. I volunteered to use my colleagues’ feedback to modify or create new lessons. I can’t believe I volunteered to work in the summer, but I am excited about it! Luckily, most of the work is done on my own time and schedule so it fits into our summer schedule.

I started an embroidery kit while I was in quarantine and I need to finish it. It’s a cute flamingo that will look great in our guest room.

I wouldn’t really call it working, but I am searching for my new planner and teacher planner this month. I love the Erin Condren vertical planner and teacher planner, but I am looking around a little bit.


I am so excited to see my sister and her family! I haven’t seen them since Christmas and they are coming to visit tomorrow! We are celebrating my mom’s birthday and it’s going to be so much fun! We also have a grown ups only dinner on Friday. It’s always so fun to go out with my parents, Jeff, Annie, and Zach!


I watched way more TV this month than I have in years! After reading three books my first three days of quarantine, I turned out Netflix. I watched Workin’ Moms, Emily in Paris, Grace & Frankie, The Home Edit, and Keep Sweet Obey & Pray. I still have the new seasons of Bridgerton, Sweet Magnolias, and Virgin River. It will be months, if not years, before I watch all those but I’d like to.

I read a ton this month! Check out my Books 2022 page to see what I’ve been reading. If you’re looking for fun summer reads, check out my Summer Beach Reads 2022. I just finished Book Lovers by Emily Henry and I LOVED it! I started An Island Wedding by Jenny Colgan and it is great to be back on the island of Mure!

I found my stack of Good Housekeeping magazines from this year. I haven’t read any of them in months. I took the whole stack with me to the pool and have been working through them. After two years of binge reading them, I’ve resolved not to renew my subscription.


I’ve been listening to a bunch of summertime music – Jack Johnson, Jim Buffett, and Zac Brown Band.


I’ve been wearing my favorite summer outfit routine – pajamas, workout clothes, bathing suit, workout clothes, pajamas. My days start with a weights workout, then off to the pool, home to make dinner and go for a walk, shower and pajamas for bed. It makes for a great day!


We have a great summer weekend planned. The boys have a swim meet on Saturday morning. We are hanging out with my family for the rest of the weekend! Hopefully we’ll have some pool time and lots of laughs!

We are celebrating my mom’s birthday this week and my sister is coming home with her family. I can’t wait to have dinner in real life with my niece after we’ve been FaceTiming for so many meals.


Our summer travels start next month and I can’t wait. I have a few reservations to make but I’m ready to take care of them and go have some fun!


I got the idea for a family travel calendar from The Girl Next Door podcast. The host Kelsey started a shared calendar with her parents and siblings. The only thing they put on the calendar is when they are traveling. I think it’s such a great idea! I am going to pitch it to my mom and sister this weekend, unless they read it here 😉

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4 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday – 6/29/22

  1. jgalvinwhite says:

    Love this post. Luke in his pjs. So funny! I love the flamingo. So cute! I JUST chose the Mexico City color for my toes. I love it. I hope you have the best time with your sister and family this week!

  2. rawsonjl says:

    I have that Colgan book waiting for me to pick it up at the library; it sounds so cute! I am loving those nails!!

  3. hislightandjoy says:

    Our library’s Libby has Good Housekeeping that you can check out digitally. Just in case you still want to read it for certain sections and then you don’t have to have the paper subscription.

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