Friday Favorites – 6/17/22

Happy Friday! Kids are officially finished school! They are in full fledged summer mode and loving it! I have two weeks worth of favorites to share with you so let’s get to it!

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Favorite 1: LAST DAY! I picked up donuts for school on the last day and the boys each had one for breakfast. They were already excited and the treat took it to the next level!

Favorite 2: LUKE!! Luke’s fifth grade promotion was last week. He had a great time and we are so proud of him! They ended with a surprise flash mob dance and our boy rocked it!

Our last media center selfie!

Fifth grade had a kickball tournament and picnic the day before promotion. I was thrilled that it was on a light day in the media center so I could spend some time out there with Luke and his class!

Luke’s teachers made this the best year for him! They are so wonderful!

Favorite 3: JACK!! Jack’s summer is already going strong! He’s making plans and I am officially his mom uber. It’s just how it should be!

He’s also spending some time at the golf course this summer. I dropped him off yesterday and it was great!

Favorite 4:BOOKS!! I am reading like crazy for a very non-favorite reason – 2 pink lines on a test – Yep, on the last teacher workday I tested positive. So I’ve finished three books since then. One was good, one had a good beginning and then I didn’t love it, and one was great!

This book was good! It was light and the scenery was gorgeous! I loved the main character’s choice at the end.
I thought the first half of this book was good. The second half was not what I was hoping and I didn’t love it.
This is a children’s book and I LOVED IT! It is one of our Battle of the Books books and I am so glad. It is the story of a Syrian refugee and the friends he makes at his school in London. It is a great story!

Luckily my symptoms have been pretty mild this week. I am still laying low through the weekend so hopefully I’ll have a few more books to share with you next week!

Favorite 5: BASEBALL!! My guys are all Braves fans. The Braves played the Nationals this week and we went to the game. Dansby threw a ball into the crowd and someone bumped into Jeff as he always about to catch it. It bounced out of his hand, off my chair, and into my hands!

Favorite 6: SUNSHINE!! Luke practiced with his new soccer team on Monday. It started pouring and then the sun came out right after. This rainbow was so perfect!

Even though I’ve been in quarantine this week, I have been loving the weather. I am spending a ton of time on the deck. With my umbrella, it isn’t too hot and I can enjoy the sunshine!

Favorite 7: NEW PLACES! The Mormon temple in Washington, DC was renovated. Before they rededicate, the temple is open to the public. We see it all the time on the DC beltway so I wanted to go see the inside. Jodi and Leo joined us and we hit the road after school one day. The temple was gorgeous inside and we learned a lot about the temple and the Mormon traditions and ceremonies. I mean we learned A LOT! At one point Jack asks me if I was thinking of converting because I was asking SO.MANY.QUESTIONS! I’m not, but I am very curious! Pictures aren’t allowed inside, but we did grab a few outside.

Hello Monday – Dream Travel Locations
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In my county, media specialists work four extra days each year. I have a day and a half left to work next week. I’m planning to work in the mornings and spend my afternoons poolside. The boys have time trials on Saturday and Jeff will take them. Then we’re celebrating the dads on Sunday. I’ll be back on Monday for Hello Monday. I hope you’ll join Holly and me! Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

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4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 6/17/22

  1. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady says:

    Oh my gosh Sarah….the pics of your boys are so so sweet…you can just tell how wonderful kids they are….great job! Congrats on being in summer mode…can’t wait to read more “Summer Sarah”…the baseball game looked like a blast too!

  2. jgalvinwhite says:

    Congrats to Luke! I love all the photos & activities. I’m glad you were able to join in on the fun! Sorry you’ve had to lay low, but yay for the reading time. The ball game looks fun and the temple is amazing. Have a restful weekend

  3. mybookworld24 says:

    I was buddy reading The Boy at the Back of the Class by my friend saw some transphobic comments and of course I’m trans so we ended DNF’ing it

  4. Lauren says:

    I’m sorry about your positive test, but happy you’re feeling okay!! What a great time to power through some books. I would’ve been right there with you asking questions about the temple!! I’d live to know what it looked like inside!

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