Monthly Musings – 5/30/22

Happy Monday! Holly and I are hosting our Hello Monday linkup tomorrow and I am playing catchup today.

Holly and Patty host Monthly Musings at the end of the month to answer ten seasonal questions.

1. Favorite summer footwear?

Flip flops! I got these this summer and they are so comfortable!!

I love my Vineyard Vines flip flops. I have a pair of womens and mens because Jack out grew them before he wore them out. They are both so comfortable.

I love my black flip flops, too! I got a new pair this year because my last pair was worn out after a few years of love.

2. Favorite summer accessories?

Sunglasses and earrings! I love these summer earrings from Cora’s Den! You can use code SUNSHINEANDBOOKS10 for 10%.

3. Must have summer beauty products?

I need a good conditioner so my hair doesn’t get too dried out in the pool or ocean. I love this body lotion for summer skin!

4. Do you have a signature summer fragrance or perfume?

Chlorine and sunscreen. 🤣

5. Favorite summer outfit?

I have two. My first is a comfy bathing suit with a cover up. I spend most of my summer days in that outfit. I also think the best summer day’s outfits go pjs – exercise clothes – bathing suit – pjs.

I also love a Lilly dress because it can be casual or dressy and is perfect for every occasion!

6. Favorite sunscreen products?

I love Hawaiian Tropic spray sunscreen! It smells so good! I just tried the Sun Bum facial mist sunscreen and it’s great, too. I have some BeautyCounter products and I like them. My all time favorite sunscreen is the Hint pineapple spray! It smells the best and protects my skin!

7. Do you prefer a one piece, tankini, or bikini?

I am a bikini girl. I am holding on as long as I can. I did get a cute one piece last summer, but I’m not sure I’ll get another one.

8. Do you keep your hair the same in the summer or switch up your style?

I keep my hair the same. I like it a little longer so I can put it up in a ponytail, braid, or bun.

9. Favorite summer nail colors?

My favorite nail color is Pink Sands by Olive & June. It is the perfect opaque, pale pink. It looks great with my winter skin and my summer skin! I love it.

In the summer, if I am not wearing Pink Sands I wear bright pinks and corals. I love white in the summer, but I don’t wear it often. I struggle to keep it crisp and white with sunscreen, chlorine, and beach time.

10. Favorite summer lip colors?

I typically wear all kinds of lip glosses, but in the summer I love this Sun Bum tinted lip sunscreen.

That was fun! I love talking about my favorite season – SUMMER! Thanks Patty and Holly! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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