Friday Favorites – 5/27/22

Happy Friday! We’ve had quite a week in our house but we made it to Friday! I have some favorites to share so let’s get to it!

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Favorite 1: JACK! Jack tested positive over the weekend and was home from school all week. I was home with him for three days and it was so nice to spend some time with him, even if we were far apart and masked. We took walks every day and played a bunch of Battleship and Guess Who.

Favorite 2: LUKE!! Luke has pretty busy recently with the band concerts, soccer tryouts, and some other additions to our schedule and he is really taking it in stride. He is always smiling and ready to roll. That is one of my favorite things about Luke!

Favorite 3: SUNSHINE!! Oh my goodness, the weekend weather was so wonderful! It was hot but that sunshine felt so good! I am looking forward to next week’s weather because it’s more of the same.

Favorite 4: BOOKS! I haven’t been reading a ton but I have been learning about a bunch of books as I make my school library order for the end of the year. There are some great books that recently came out or are coming soon. I just finished this one last night.

I shared my Summer Beach Reads last week and I am counting down the days until I read those books. I typically wait until school is over to start on them. After today we only have TEN days left!

Favorite 5: FUNNY THINGS! This caught my eye on Instagram or Facebook this week and made me giggle. To be completely honest, this is my favorite way to have tomato soup. 😉

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I am so excited for this weekend because the pool opens and the weather looks great! We have some soccer, some pool time, some friend time, and a parade on our schedule. A perfect Memorial Day weekend! Holly and I will be back on TUESDAY for Hello Monday next week. See you then! Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books.

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 5/27/22

  1. rawsonjl says:

    Aw, glad you got to have some one on one time with Jack; it certainly looks like you made the most of it! The sunny weather has been wonderful!!

    • sunshineandbooksblog says:

      Thanks! It took me a little while to figure out how we can play or be together while someone was in quarantine. After two kids in quarantine, I’m getting really good at Battleship and Guess Who!

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