Tuesday Book Release Day

Happy Tuesday! I am excited to be here sharing two new books with you! It feels a little funny to be sharing books that aren’t holiday books with you, but most of them have already been published this year. If you are looking for Christmas or holiday books, you can check out my Christmas Books 2021 post.

We had the weirdest weather yesterday. It was a little drizzly at times and cloudy all day, but it was pretty warm. As the evening progressed, the rain and the wind really picked up. I was hoping to walk during Luke’s soccer practice but it was too rainy and windy. It wasn’t totally disappointing because I spent the time reading The Christmas Bookshop by Jenny Colgan. I’ve never had a great desire to travel to Edinburgh but I want to now. The city sounds so magical, especially at Christmas!

Call Us What We Carry by Amanda Gorman

Formerly titled The Hill We Climb and Other Poems, the luminous poetry collection by #1 New York Times bestselling author and presidential inaugural poet Amanda Gorman captures a shipwrecked moment in time and transforms it into a lyric of hope and healing. In Call Us What We Carry, Gorman explores history, language, identity, and erasure through an imaginative and intimate collage. Harnessing the collective grief of a global pandemic, this beautifully designed volume features poems in many inventive styles and structures and shines a light on a moment of reckoning. Call Us What We Carryreveals that Gorman has become our messenger from the past, our voice for the future.

Without a Hitch by Mary Hollis Huddleston and Asher Fogle Paul

When floundering and unlucky-in-love twentysomething Lottie Jones lands a new career as a wedding planner at a top-tier boutique event firm, she begins navigating a cutthroat workplace specializing in over-the-top details, unlimited budgets, and a broad spectrum of taste. Whether planning for parachute landings or wrangling intoxicated groomsmen, she has her hands full at every million-dollar wedding she helps organize.

After her boss announces he’s opening a new office, Lottie sees her chance to finally carve out her place—and earn an income that justifies her dating app subscription fees. The weddings get bigger, the clients get wilder, the mishaps get funnier, and the stakes get higher. And Lottie’s forced to discover what she’ll risk for love and how far she’ll go to find herself.

Set against the glamorous, ruthless world of high-end Southern weddings and inspired by real events in the authors’ lives, Without a Hitch is a hilarious romp about taking ownership, facing fears, planning your ex-boyfriend’s wedding, and choosing a happy ending that wasn’t what you once expected.

**As always, the summaries come from the author or publisher because they know it best.**

If you are looking for other newly released books, check out the Tuesday Book Release Day page. If you are wondering what I’ve been reading, check out my Books 2021 page. There are links to my other years in reading on that page, too.

I am looking for a fun Christmas book for us to listen to as we drive around. I looked at The Christmas Pig by J.K. Rowling but the reviews were mixed. Has anyone read it? I’m also thinking about The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson. Or do you have any kids’ Christmas books recommendations? I’d love to hear! Have a great day full of sunshine and NEW books!

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