A Day in the Life – 11/17/21

Happy Wednesday! I am recapping my day in the life of a swim mom today. I thought this would be a good day to share it because the boys are swimming in a meet again this weekend. Luckily they are in the same session for this meet. Swim meets are a little different since the pandemic started. Parents used to be able to sit in the hot, hot bleachers for hours while they waited for their kids to swim, but now we have to stay in our cars and they stream most of the meets on YouTube or Facebook Live.

My alarm went off at 5 am so we could hit the road by 5:45 am!

We drove into a beautiful sunrise and got to the pool around 7 am. Jack headed in and I tackled my to do list. I had a lot to do and a lot of bags to hold my stuff.

Before I tackled my to do list, I set the alarms so I wouldn’t miss Jack’s events. When they went off, I tune into the meet’s YouTube channel and cheer on my boys.

Then, I started with pool membership work.

I followed that up with some blog writing. My Christmas Books 2021 post came out the Monday after the meet! The pool where the boys swim often has a great park around it with a lovely walking trail.

Time for Jack to swim! Go buddy go!!!

When Jeff arrived with Luke for his session, we changed plans. Jeff stayed with Luke and I took Jack home.

There was a Trader Joe’s pretty close to the meet so Jack and I dashed through to pick up a few things.

We had to hurry home so we could cheer Luke on!

Luke finished his events and our at home cheering squad could get back to the to do lists.

I started working on the puzzle that had been on my table for a few weeks. I was determined to get it finished this weekend.

The mailman, the UPS man, and the Amazon lady all stopped by our porch on Saturday!

My parents gave us a chair for our new family room for Christmas. We ordered it in July and it was delivered today! All productivity stopped because this chair is so so comfy!!

When the new chair arrived, I realized we really need to get some blinds in the new family room. I went to Home Depot to start looking and found this guy! I love him!!

Luke and Jeff got home around 2:45 pm and Jeff had to turn around with Jack to go to basketball practice. We decided to go out to dinner after practice and it was so great. Everyone got a little giggly!

We headed to bed pretty early because Jack and I were headed to Virginia for day 2 of the meet on Sunday.

So there you have it – A Day in the Life of a Swim Mom! It’s a long time to be away from your house, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I swam year round from the time I was 8 until my senior year in high school so this routine is so familiar to me and I love it! I’ll be back at it this weekend and my friend Jamie’s son is swimming with my guys. It will be a total blast from the past because we swam together growing up! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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  1. jgalvinwhite says:

    I love day in the life posts! You have so many bags! Way to be productive:) hadley only swims in the summer, but I love it. I wasn’t a swimmer, so I enjoy watching her do that!

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