Friday Favorites – 9/10/21

Happy Friday! I am so happy to see Friday this week! We started school on Wednesday and it has been a great two days so far, but I am tired! I forget how exhausting the first few weeks of school are. It has been so wonderful to see all those kids back in the building and to see how excited they are to be there! I have a bunch of favorites from the week, so let’s get to them.

Favorite 1: FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!! I love the first day of school! Everyone at my house was up and excited to go see their friends and teachers. Jeff had to be at school early so we missed him on the porch that morning.

Everyone had a great day and decided to go back for a second day!

Luke and I sat on the front porch and talked about his day while we waited for Jack to get home from middle school.

Favorite 2: BIRTHDAYS! Around here we have two main birthday seasons. In the fall we start with my dad and then my sister, her husband, Jeff, Jeff’s grandmother, and I have birthdays in a little over three weeks. It’s a lot of fun and a lot of cake in that short period. We celebrated my dad this week, so let the cake eating begin!

The boys ALWAYS giggle when they take a picture with Pop!

Favorite 2: PARENTS!! We got to see my parents a bunch this week, too. All four grandparents came to watch Luke play soccer on Saturday. We had birthday dinner with my parents on Tuesday. I stopped by to see them on Wednesday. And on Thursday, my dad took Luke to soccer because I was at middle school back to school night.

Favorite 3: BEGONIAS! I decided to plant begonias this spring. I have a big planter in the front and one on our mud room deck. They have done so well this spring and summer! I just love how they filled out!

Favorite 4: SUNSHINE!! We had a gorgeous sun rise on the first day of school! That evening as we were leaving soccer practice, the sun was setting and the sky was gorgeous, too. I just love when you can see the rays of sunlight from behind a cloud!

Favorite 5: CALENDAR! I keep a page-a-day calendar on my desk. The messages Wednesday and Thursday were perfect for the start of the school year. I am going to try to remember them all year long!

Favorite 6: JEWELRY!! Now that we are back in school, I am back to wearing fun jewelry most days! On the first day of school, I wore my bow earrings because I just knew the day would be so great it would deserve a bow! On the second day of school, I went with my fun pencil earrings and a monogram necklace. Don’t forget you can use code SUNSHINEANDBOOKS10 for a little discount!

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I am excited for our weekend! Jack and I are heading to James Madison University for a football game with some of my cousins and aunts and uncle. I loved every moment I spent at JMU and can’t wait to spend the day there. Luke has his first league soccer game and is excited to play with his new team. Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

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