Let’s Look – 9/8/21

Happy Wednesday! It is our first day of school! It is also my dad’s birthday! Happy birthday Dad!!

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Today is all about meal planning so this is the perfect timing. When school starts, I am definitely on my A-game organizationally. Lunches are always packed the night before, dinner is ready to start when we get home, and all the sports bags are packed and ready to go. My planner is full and color coded. Here’s our meal plan for this week:

Last year, I tried making one protein and using it for a few diners. I will probably do that again this year because it really worked well. It was great because dinner was halfway ready and it was relatively easy for everyone could have whatever they were in the mood for. One week I made shredded chicken on Monday in my crockpot. Then we would have pulled chicken bbq, tacos, quesadillas, chicken salad, or burrito bowls for dinner. Another week I grilled a bunch of chicken and we had chicken Caesar salad, grilled chicken, chicken fried rice, or a chicken wrap for dinner. I’ve also done this with ground beef or steak. Then we have tacos, spaghetti, quesadillas, beef and broccoli over rice.

I am always looking for new dinner ideas, especially dinners with enough leftovers for a lunch or two. Please share your favorite weeknight dinners in the comments. Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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