This or That Thursday – 8/19/21

Happy Thursday! We are a little over halfway through August and summer is still going strong over here. In fact, I try to keep summering until the very last day. It is September 21st this year. So we still have a month of summer left, even though school and fall will try to take over.

I love doing This or That questions so I thought I’d do one here. I’m sharing a summer one because I love it the best!

If you’ve been here for a little while, I bet none of my answers will come as a surprise to you.

If I were to add one more category it would be what to read on the beach – book or magazine. I would have to pick BOTH! Magazines are fun because the articles are quick reads and you can pass them around to the people with you on the beach. They also lighten your load on the way home when you finish reading one. However, I love reading books on the beach. The sunshine, the sound of waves crashing, and the sand between my toes go perfectly with a book!

I’m also sharing this on my Instagram stories today. I am @sunnyscp and I’d love for you to tag me with your answers. You can also leave your answers in the comments here.

Fred didn’t cooperate with my plans for the pool yesterday, but hopefully we’ll be there today. Have a great SUMMER day full of sunshine and books!

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