Hello Monday – 6/21/21

Happy Monday!! It is officially summer and I am so excited!! Last night at 11:32 pm was the Summer Solstice so we are in full on summer mode around here. Summer Sarah is my alternate personality. She is so much fun. She is great at late nights, impromptu plans, vacations, hanging out at the pool all day, and making sure everyone has tons of fun. However, she tends to struggle with things like grocery shopping, meal planning, and blog planning. So this is a really short post to link up with the Hello Monday girls today!

I just finished all of my extra duty days on Friday and I marched out of school like this.

Yesterday AND today are Wear Your Lilly days so be sure to put some fun prints in your day!!

If you’re not a Lilly wearer, use these Lilly quotes to frame your thinking for the day!

Have a great Monday! I am hoping to settle into our summer routine today and be back tomorrow with Tuesday Book Release Day! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

5 thoughts on “Hello Monday – 6/21/21

  1. Joanne says:

    Summer Joanne just realized today that she hasn’t paid bills/ written out checks, cleaned the house, or bought enough groceries. LOL. I have been spending faaaarrrr to much time reading and loving every minute of it! It was cloudy today so I finally paid bills, cleaned 1/2 the house, and will head out grocery shopping tonight.

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