Friday Favorites – 6/18/21

Happy Friday! I’m back! This has been a week! Usually by the time school is ending, all of our evening sports and commitments have slowed down. They did not this year! We had a great week and I have a bunch of favorites to share!

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Favorite 1: MOM!! I spent Saturday at the beach with my mom! It was cloudy driving across the Bay Bridge so I was a little worried about our beach weather.

We went out for brunch and had the most delicious Bloody Mary! It had a meal on top! Crab meat, a bunch of shrimp, bacon, and green beans (??) and it was delicious!!

We spent the afternoon on the beach. It was my first beach day of 2021 and it felt so good to get my toes back in the sand.

After that we headed to Bethany Beach Books bookstore to see Elin. I’ve met her quite a few times, but this one was so good! It felt so normal to talk to an author and get a signed book. I’ve been waiting to read Reunion Beach because I wanted to get a signed copy. After hearing Dottie talk about Elin and Elin talk about Dottie, I wanted a Elin to sign my copy of the tribute to Dorothea Benton Frank.

My dad joined us after his round of golf and we had a delicious dinner watching the sunset over the bay. The restaurant we went to, Fager’s, plays the 1812 Overture timed to the sun disappearing. It’s pretty cool!

Favorite 2: SCHOOL!! We finally made it to the end of the longest school year in the history of ever! I have a few more hours to work this morning, but after that I will be in full on summer mode. Both kids had an amazing school year! They worked so hard and learned so much at home and at school. I am so grateful to their teachers for making the year so smooth and successful!

Favorite 3: FRIENDS!! It has been way to long since I have seen any of my college roommates. We are spread all over the country and the pandemic hasn’t made it very easy to get together. One of my roommates, Amy, was driving north from Alabama with her family and came by for lunch and visited for hours. Oh, it was so good for my soul!! Those hours flew by catching up with Amy and her husband. Our four kids are stair steps, 9-10-11-12. They haven’t seen each other in a few years and picked up right where they left off. It was fantastic!!

Favorite 4: OLYMPICS!! If you’ve been here for a while, you know I love the Olympics. I mean really, really love them. We’ve been watching the swimming Olympic trials and I get almost as excited as Rowdy Gaines does! I love his enthusiasm for swimming! It’s the best!

Favorite 5: BOOKS!! For the first time in two years, my favorite independent bookstore, A Likely Story, hosted a publish book talk. There are three representatives from Penguin Random House that present books they are loving and preview some books that are being published soon. It is one of my favorite nights of the year! I love the reps and we always catch up about books after they finish the talk. This time the bookstore hosted it at a restaurant across the street and it was even better than usual! Happy hour + books = favorite!

Favorite 6: DISCOUNTS! I went to the liquor store this week and it happened to be ladies discount day and mixed case of wine discount day. I’m set for the summer now! I love that it was a mixed case discount because I could try a few new wines and stock up on old favorites.

Favorite 7: BASEBALL!! We’ve been watching Jack play a bunch of baseball. He has improved so much as a hitter, pitcher, and fielder this year. It is so much fun to watch!!

Favorite 8: CARTOONS!! I hopped on the cartoon bandwagon and made the kids and I into cartoons. I think they are pretty cool!

Favorite 9: RIVER! While Jack’s team was warming up on Thursday, Jeff, Luke, and I went on a walk around the field. We happened upon the Little Patuxent River and had a great time climbing on the rocks and splashing in the river.

Favorite 10: LIMES AND COCONUTS! This is one of my favorite Lilly dresses. I don’t wear it very often because it’s white. I was excited to pull it out of my closet when Elin said white was the color of her signing. I was laughing as I got ready because my lime earrings matched perfectly and the dress has little bead coconuts along the bottom. I was singing “You put the lime in the coconut…” all night long!

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We are hoping to spend a bunch of time at the pool this weekend. Jack has a baseball tournament so that will dictate our schedule. We’ll celebrate Jeff and the dads too! Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 6/18/21

  1. scottaew says:

    I love all the wine for the beginning of summer! Lol! I am so jealous of you getting to meet Elin! Your beach day and Bloody Mary were fabulous! I wish I liked them but I cannot! That was a meal on top. Your cartoons look so good! Happy summer! Question – what are your favorite brand of sunglasses again?

  2. jgalvinwhite says:

    You’ve had such a great week. I love that you had time with you parents…at the beach! And I’m jealous of your Elon visit. amazing! I love your last day of school shirt! Now it’s time for summer! Have a great weekend

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