Friday Favorites – 4/30/21

Happy Friday!! I cannot believe that this is the last day of April! We have a month and a half left of school. On one hand, I can’t believe we still have a month of school left in this year that has been so challenging. On the other hand, I can’t believe we only have a month of school left because I feel like we haven’t been in the building as much so the year is flying by. Either way, I am glad it’s almost May 1st. I am ready for May weather. I am ready for May activities. And I am ready to be one month closer to summer!! I have some fun favorites to share from this last week of April so let’s get to it.

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Favorite 1: SUNSHINE!! We soaked up the sunshine this week. There were gorgeous sunsets.

It was so beautiful on Tuesday and Wednesday and I spent a bunch of time on the deck working, reading, and relaxing.

This is one of my favorite Google Meet backdrops – and it’s real!

I just had to get out there and run in the sun!

Favorite 2: SPRING CLOTHES!! I am trying to wear as many of my spring clothes as I can since I didn’t really wear them last year. This dress is so comfy! Some colors have a little ruffle on the sleeve. I sized down in this dress. It is very flowy!!

How cute is this jumpsuit?? One of the great things about working in my school is that my coworkers with great taste! My friend had this on in an olive green and I loved it. When I went to look at it, the Cora Coral Neon spoke to me. It was on sale and I got it for 25% off the sale price with a discount code.

I love tank top weather! Wednesdays weather was perfect for a fun tank top while I was working on the deck and inside.

Favorite 3: KIDS!! Jack and Luke are always my favorites! This week Luke proudly built this huge lego boat!! He’s also been my photographer.

Jack was excited to play tons of baseball! He had a double header on Sunday, 3 days of practice, and a game on Thursday. We love red, white, and blue around here and this eye black is Jack’s favorite for evening games.

Favorite 4: JUICE!! Every so often I do a juice cleanse to reset my body. My biggest benefit is that it pretty much eliminates my sugar craving. From Valentine’s Day to Easter, I had a major candy slide and it was time to stop. I did a one day cleanse this time and it seems to have worked. I picked the low carb cleanse, but I would do the regular one next time. It is only 680 calories and I felt pretty depleted through the day.

This was a new to me juice and it was so delicious!

Favorite 5: JEWELRY! Now that we are back in school most days and most of the kids are coming to school, it felt like the right time to break out my pencil earrings.

This is one of my favorite monogram necklaces. It is was originally a bat necklace on Cora’s Den but they are so great to work with and customized it with my monogram in white. If you see anything on their website that you want to customize or modify, just email them. Katie and the team are so wonderful to work with. When you are shopping, don’t forget to use code SUNSHINEANDBOOKS10 for 10% off!

Favorite 6: PENS!! I love fun pens and notepads. I love them A LOT!! So when I saw this T-shirt online I had to have it. The kids at school thought it was hilarious that I had pens on my shirt, but they were not surprised at all! I just love Papermate Flair Pens. They are the best!!

Librarian with flair, that’s me.

Favorite 7: BEAUTYCOUNTER!! We just had the Friends and Family sale and I have some friends that got great deals on great products for their family! I need to stock up on the sunscreen next month because we will be spending a bunch of time outside and then the pool opens!

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I am excited for the weekend! Luke has a lacrosse game on Saturday and Jack may have a triple header on Sunday. I’m going to finish up my 2021 Summer Beach Books post so be sure to check back Monday for it! I have a fun giveaway on the Summer Beach Books post, too! Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

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