This or That – 4/22/21

Happy Thursday! I love the This or That posts on social media. I think they are a fun way to connect with others in a quick and easy way. I saw Tanya and Jen share a This or That Books that they got from Julie and decided to try it myself.

BUY OR BORROW: Yes! I choose both and more. I tend to buy my favorite author’s books. I love having them in my library. I also try to use our library for books that I don’t think I will want to keep. I tend to checkout more nonfiction from the library than fiction. I borrow books from the library for my kids all the time. They fly through books, especially graphic novels so it is just makes sense. Jack is a tricky one to pick out books for. I tend to use the library a lot for him because I never know if he’ll like it.

PRINT OR EBOOK: Yes, again! I love the feel of a real book. I love how new books smell. I love to look at the beautiful cover. I love knowing exactly how much of the book is left. I also love the ease of sharing books with family and friends. I love ebooks, too. I love how easy it is to throw my kindle in my purse and always have books with me. I love that I can fall asleep reading and not lose my page. I love that I can read in the dark so easily. I also love that I can get so many ebook ARCs from NetGalley.

INDOOR OR OUTDOOR READING: Yes, a third time! Ok, so maybe this wasn’t the This or That for me. 😂 I love to read at the beach or the pool. I love to read on the sidelines during a break in my kids’ games. I love to read on our deck or even in a beach chair on the driveway. I also love to curl up with a good book on the couch or in my favorite chair. I love to read in bed before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning.

CLASSICS OR CONTEMPORARY: Contemporary all the way! There are a few classics that I have reread an enjoyed, but I prefer contemporary books.

BOOKMARKS OR DOGEARED: I am a librarian so I automatically must pick bookmarks. I love collecting fun bookmarks and try to match the bookmark to the mood or cover of the book. I take such care when I read a book that it often looks unread. I can’t help it, it’s just ingrained in me.

MARGINALIA OR CLEAN PAGES: Clean pages! From above, my books look brand new when I finish them! I am slowly working through Atomic Habits by James Clear and I decided to write in that book. I think it’s the first one I’ve ever written in. My kids were shocked to see me writing in it because I have always been so careful with my books.

SPEED-READER OR SLOW AND STEADY: I am a naturally speedy reader. I don’t try to plow through books but I tend to read pretty quickly. I read for pure enjoyment so sometimes I don’t even remember everything I’ve read especially if it is a book I breezed through.

A typical vacation book stack for a week or so at the beach.

Well, that was fun! Feel free to share your answers in the comments. I can’t wait to see what everyone else picks! Have a great day full of sunshine and books (with bookmarks and no writing in them 😉)!

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