Declare It Day 2021

Happy Monday! We had a great weekend celebrating Valentine’s Day. I’ll share our weekend later this week because today I’m talking about one of my favorite days of the year – Declare It Day! It is always the first Saturday in February. Last weekend I got a few girlfriends together to celebrate Declare It Day for the 6th time. This year definitely looked different but we still did the important stuff – moved our bodies, set some goals, had some good friend time!

I love these Fellow Flowers images this year!!

Declare It Day is a Fellow Flowers event that focuses on setting goals that really push you out of your comfort zone. On our first Declare It Day in 2016, Jamie and I met and ran together before we set our goals.

In 2017, I had brunch with Jamie and our friend Sarah to set our goals. The theme was “Just a girl who decided to go for it”.

In 2018, I had a few more girls over and we set our goals. The theme was “Get gutsy”!

In 2019, I had a few more girls over and we set some goals. The theme was “Progress, not perfection”.

In 2020, I had some girls over and we set more goals. The theme was “Brave enough”. Little did we know that would be one of our last girlfriend get togethers.

And this year, in 2021, I had some girls over and we set our goals. The theme was “Running my own race”.

This year Erin, Jamie, Jodi, Joelle, Kourtni, and Sandra joined me. I did my very best to keep it safe so we bundled up and went for a power walk through my neighborhood. I had a fire pit set up, but I couldn’t get the fire going so we were a little chilly when we got back to the house. We spread our chairs out and enjoyed each other’s company. I made ham and cheese sliders, individually packed veggies, had individual spoons for dips, and cookies for dessert. We always have a champagne toast, too!

Sadly I only took one picture, and it was after Jodi left. 😞 I loved the goals that my friends set. There were some fitness goals, lifestyle goals, and monthly mini goals. ❤️

In the past, my goals have been about putting more good into my body and exercise. That good I’ve been working on includes reading, healthy foods, and water. My exercise goals have been to run certain distances, get stronger, and stop running.

Even though I’ve been thinking about it for a month, I am not sure what my goals will be this year. My exercise goal is going to be about running again. I miss it and want to get back to it. I love the HIIT and strength training I’ve been doing, but I miss pounding the pavement/treadmill.

Jamie and I are going to host a local meet up for a virtual run in June. My goal is to be able to run a 5k by June 12, 2021. While we were all talking on the driveway, Sandra said she wants us to do a 2022 destination marathon. I’m not sure I’ll be up for a marathon distance, ever, but I think I can get back to comfortably running a 5k in four months.

I’m still not sure what I want my lifestyle goal to be. My word of the year is STRETCH so I’d like to incorporate that too. I may think about being happy with the things I have already in my closet, dresser, freezer, and pantry. Yes! That’s it! I am going to stretch myself to think about different ways to use what we have before I buy something.

Well, thanks for helping me figure out my second goal! These are absolutely perfect for 2021! It’s never too late to declare your goals for this year! What are you declaring?

Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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6 thoughts on “Declare It Day 2021

  1. jgalvinwhite says:

    Love this Declare it day idea! Sounds like such a meaningful way to support each other and I love an intentional mindset…it’s the only way I can accomplish major goals. I definitely learned to live a “progress over perfection” lifestyle…otherwise, I was being too hard on myself

  2. scottaew says:

    I love the idea of stretching – literally and metaphorically. My sister once had a rule that if she was watching tv she had to be on the floor stretching or doing some sort of floor exercise! I love the stretch to find something to work that you already own. I feel like the pandemic helped me with that. I used to run but started having neck issues and I think the impact was too much. I probably had bad form. So fun for you to get some social time!

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