Hello Monday – 12/14/20

Happy Monday! This weekend flew by, but we had a great time! We had lots of Christmas spirit boosting activities! I’m linking up with Tanya and the Hello Monday girls to share the touches of Christmas in our house and our weekend. Get ready for lots and lots of pictures.

Our main tree – I put 300 more lights on this year than last year and it brings me so much joy!
This adorable snowman sits on our upstairs table, with the Lysol wipes of course. It’s 2020.
You can’t beat this nightlight. It’s a major award!
This elf guards the lights in our family room. 😍
My grandmother’s Christmas village is perfect on top of the library shelves. I think there is plenty of room to add a few more buildings next year! 😍
My mom gave us this Nativity set. I love it right next to our tree.
The wisemen in the middle were my grandmothers. On Christmas Eve, my mom gives the boys a nutcracker. They have fun playing with them and remembering why they got them and I enjoy the display.
I’ll end the tour with my favorite view! The tree, candles, and village lights are all glowing bright! It’s so peaceful.

We kicked the weekend off with our Friday night December tradition of milkshakes, Christmas music, and Christmas lights.

The weather was BEAUTIFUL so I got outside both days for a long walk!

I started wrapping on Saturday (woohoo reaching for those December goals!). It was so weird to wrap in the daylight and without a glass of wine. But I got everything wrapped that I could with the kids around.

I decided to wrap on the counter this year and it was the best decision ever! I could watch Hallmark on tv, the lighting was good, and the counter is the perfect height!

On Saturday night, we introduced the boys to A Christmas Story, It’s not Jeff’s or my favorite Christmas movie, but we figured it was time for the boys to watch it.

Luke and I cheered Jack and Jeff on from the couch while we streamed his basketball game on Sunday morning.

Luke and I finished a puzzle. I suggested starting the puzzle because Jack has a lot of time (at least 90 min) in the morning between waking up and school starting. I thought a puzzle would be quiet enough that I could teach and Luke could be learning while Jack kept busy. That was a bust, Luke and I were the only ones that worked on it. It was fun though!

The church where Jack and Luke want to preschool has a drive-thru Nativity every year. We were worried that it would be canceled because of COVID, but it wasn’t. It was Sunday evening and it was so nice to do something like we usually do!

We were home early and I was showered and in pjs by 6:30. I love Christmas pjs. My sister and I have matching pjs, but I doubt she’s wearing hers tonight. Her due date is this week and I am practically bursting with excitement!!

We let the boys stay up a little later to watch some of the Steeler’s game on Sunday night. Jack was pretty excited to see them play a few weeks in a row. He wasn’t up for a picture, but here’s what I got. Go Steelers!

I’m almost finished Christmas Ever After and it’s great! I love the connection to Karen Schaler’s other book Christmas Camp! And it reads like a Hallmark movie, which is always a win!

We have FOUR Christmas activities on the calendar this week and we are feeling the spirit! We are also looking at a snow possibility on Monday and Wednesday! How fun!! I hope you have a great week full of sunshine and CHRISTMAS books!

8 thoughts on “Hello Monday – 12/14/20

  1. scottaew says:

    Your trees are so pretty! I have been meaning to show my decor but I haven’t been motivated because it’s such a weird year. I love wrapping but I’m not that good. I do it in stages and we don’t buy for that many people. We said no adults on either side except grandparents years ago and it took a lot of stress away. So my wrapping is not overwhelming. Have a great week! Can’t wait to hear about the baby!

  2. Tanya says:

    Your decorations are just beautiful. Adding more lights definitely makes the tree look even more festive! We started getting milkshakes for our Christmas lights drive around instead of Starbucks, and everyone is a big fan! How exciting that you might get snow!

  3. rawsonjl says:

    I love your village on top of the bookshelves. You have so many cute decorations. We always hung our stockings off the stairs each year growing up!

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