December Goals – 12/7/20

Happy Monday! I had a To Do list a mile long this weekend and I got most of it done. Some of it was quick and easy, but other things took me some time. Our weekends have been a little more low key because all of our kids’ practices/games only allow at most one parent to attend. I miss watching the kids’ play, but it is nice to carve out a little extra time at home. If I am going to use this extra time in the best way, I need to set some goals for the month.

Last month, I did pretty well on my goals.
Drink 96 ounces of water – ✔️
Read 4 books – ✔️ I read 6. Come back tomorrow for Show us Your Books to hear about them!
Paint my nails once a week – 3 out of 4 isn’t bad ✔️
Exercise every day – ✔️
Get Christmas shopping done – 😂 see December goals

Main Goal: Enjoy the month!! Have as much Christmas fun as we can!!

Goal 1: Drink more water throughout the day. I have been intermittent fasting for the past few months and I love it! I drink a bunch of water until 11:00, but then once I can crack a Diet Coke, I have a hard time going back to the water.
Strategies: alternate water and other drinks after 11, end the night with a big cup of water

Cup of water and my pjs – drink that water!

Goal 2: Finish Christmas shopping by December 15th. I know that I’ll need a few odds and ends, but I want to be finished by December 15th to allow for shipping needs.
Strategies: Make a list and check it twice!

This should definitely help! 😉

Goal 3: Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day. It’s the Fellow Flowers Move Your A🌸 🌸 challenge and I have been doing it since 2016.
Strategies: Do my HIIT and strength workouts each week, walk outside with Jeff on the weekends, use our treadmill and watch Netflix

Goal 4: Wrap a little each week. I can’t take one day while the kids are in school this year to get a bunch done since everyone’s learning from home. So I need to be smarter about getting things wrapped and ready.
Strategies: wrap on Thursday nights because swim practice ends early and the kids will go to bed earlier.

Goal 5: Give myself a manicure once a week. I love how painted nails look and I enjoy painting my nails.
Strategies: After the kids go to bed on Tuesday or Wednesday, just do it!

Goal 6: Get Beautycounter up and going.
Strategies: Complete the step by step activities, have an social media pop up, take advantage of little pockets of time.

That’s it for the month. I hope these goals will set me up for a successful December. I have a big week planned here on Sunshine and Books – 2 bookish posts tomorrow, Christmas cards on Wednesday, some glimpses of our Christmas decorations on Thursday, and favorites on Friday. Be sure to check back for a week full of sunshine & books!

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8 thoughts on “December Goals – 12/7/20

  1. Abby Jackson says:

    Our goals are so similar! I try to drink about 48 ounces of water each day, and I have been on this workout schedule with my mom doing Body Pump by Les Mills! I love it! I actually have surprised myself and have been doing really good at reading! I have already finished 5 books this month! Have a wonderful Monday!

  2. Kelly says:

    One of my goals for 2021 is to get better about drinking enough water. I also progressively get worse as the day goes on, but I’m determined to stay more hydrated. Happy Monday!

  3. jgalvinwhite says:

    I love these goals! I have a love / hate relationship with wrapping. I usually procrastinate but last night I wrapped my out of town family gifts, so I feel like that’s a great accomplishment (for me) 😀

  4. rawsonjl says:

    I can’t believe you drink 96 ounces of water; that’s awesome!! Great job on your November goals and good luck on your December goals.

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