What’s Up Wednesday – 11/25/20

Happy Wednesday! We have a half day today and then the kids and I are on Thanksgiving break. It’s a short break (half day Wednesday, Thursday, Friday), but I’ll take it. I am linking up with Shay and Sheaffer to share What’s Up with us.


Wednesday – steak quesadillas
Friday – baked ziti
Saturday – Thanksgiving leftovers
Sunday – I have no idea
Monday – Again, I have no idea
Tuesday – tacos


Some of my neighbors have started hanging outside lights and I love how they brighten up the nights! The weather was beautiful this weekend, so I decided to hang our Christmas lights. We won’t turn them on until Friday, but they are out there and ready to roll. We have a big decorating neighborhood. Most of the houses go all out for Halloween and Christmas decorating and it is so fun to see in the dark.


Jamie and I did another Fellow Flowers run last weekend. I think this is our 12th one. We did two and then started the Flower series – yellow, purple, light green, white, red, black, dark pink, blue, green, turquoise, silver, and light pink. We have one more in the series – orange.

I went on a girls weekend trip earlier this month and we had the absolute best time! We were planning to be in Jamaica to celebrate our 40th birthdays, but Covid and hurricanes changed our plans. We were chilly in the mountains but it was just what a girls weekend should be – wine, together time, laughs, some tears, and all the support a friend could ask for.


I love this season so much that I’m not really dreading much about it. The only thing that gives me an underlying worry is the uncertainty. Our school board is trying to keep kids in school as much as possible, but that means they re-evaluate every week or so. And that means that we could be back and forth between hybrid and totally virtual. I love having kids in school, but I also think numbers are on the rise and separating people is the best way to slow or stop the spread.


I signed up as a consultant with BeautyCounter a while ago because I was looking for a skin regimen and I wanted the discount. After using the products for a while, I’m ready to start launching it. I wanted to use and love the products before I told my friends about them. I really do like them and now I’m working on getting my launch party/page together.


Even though our school is virtual right now, we are getting ready to have our annual Book Fair. Instead of going through Scholastic, we are using a local, independent bookstore. Students and their families can shop online or in store. I am excited to be able to offer a book fair for families to buy holiday gifts for the readers in their lives. I am SUPER excited to be hosting it outside of school because it’s going to be way less stressful. Don’t get me wrong, I love Book Fair Week, but one year it was so busy that I ended up with shingles.


Well I’ve been watching all Hallmark all the time these days. When I am not in charge of the remote control, we’ve watched Queen’s Gambit and some football.

I have been reading a bunch of Christmas books and I have even more to read! You can see what I’ve been reading here.


I’m still working through Even The Rich podcast series. I’ve been listening to Hall and Oates station on Pandora and it’s so good. When I wake up Friday morning, I’ll start listening to all Christmas music until Christmas Day.


I’ve been wearing some fun Thanksgiving t-shirts and earrings.

This baby blardigan / circle cardigan from Barefoot Dreams is the stuff work from home dreams are made of! It’s so comfy and looks like a professional cardigan online. Perfection!

I’m hoping to get a good family picture on Thanksgiving so I should probably start planning out what we are wearing. This turned out to be a good one last year.

I’m excited to break out my Christmas clothes and shoes on Friday!


This weekend is usually a super busy weekend for us. Jack usually has a basketball tournament and we go to an Electric Lights Parade with my parents. Neither of those are happening. Jack has a soccer game and Luke has swim practice.

I’d like to finish cleaning out the basement and get decorated for Christmas.

I’m also hoping to put a much bigger dent in my shopping and maybe even start wrapping.


I am going to be an aunt again and I can’t wait. My sister is due in December and I’m sitting here holding my baby rattle earrings waiting for the news!

Christmas of course!

The Fellow Flowers “Move Your A🌸🌸” challenge. The goal is to have 30 minutes of intentional movement every day from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. I think this is my 5th year doing it. There are no rules , except 30 minutes of intentional movement, and it is totally free. The facebook group is called #FFHolidayChallenge 2020. There is more encouragement and support in that group than you could ever imagine. So join if you are ready to move your a🌼🌼.


I think that’s about it for the month. We are looking forward to a slower pace with activities, cozy time with lights and candles, and looking to make some new traditions for Christmas that work safely this year.

Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

7 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday – 11/25/20

  1. natashajk says:

    Okay, I’m off to check out your Christmas books now! And I love your Christmas shoes — both pairs are so cute!

  2. rawsonjl says:

    I just love your Christmas shoes! We don’t decorate the outside of our house much since we live on a dead end road but I do love driving around to see everyone else’s decorations.

  3. scottaew says:

    You have the best festive clothes! The boys look great in their suit coats! I’m glad you have the book fair but with a local shop – that is so nice! Loved me a Scholastic flyer as did my kids! Happy Thanksgiving Sarah!

  4. Patty says:

    You always have the cutest tees! I am doing a 100 mile challenge between now and Jan 31st so I could totally do your challenge too!

    Hope you had a Good Thanksgiving girl!

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