Hello Monday – 11/23/20

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend! We did! I’m linking up with Tanya and the girls for Hello Monday to share our weekend.

The president of our pool board retired after being on the board for ten years. We had a lovely dinner and a lot of fun celebrating him!
My sister gave me these fun monogrammed earrings for my birthday. I don’t think I’ve shared them here yet. Her sweet friend Tia made them!
Leggings, long sleeve t, and a vest = perfect Saturday afternoon soccer mom outfit.
Jack played in his first soccer game in years. He joined a co-ed rec team and had a great time!
Jack used to play goalie some and it was fun to see him back in the goal.
Gratitude is the 12th in the flower run series that Jamie and I have done together. We’ve done 14 Fellow Flower virtual runs together and I love doing each one with Jamie!
I woke up about an hour before everyone in my house and started my next Christmas book. I am excited to read this one and I have a few other on my Christmas book list to read through the rest of the year.
Jeff and I had a really productive weekend. We cleaned out the shed, the garage, and part of the basement. We found a bunch of old papers that needed to be shredded or burned, so we opted for burn. Jeff took care of it while he was grilling dinner.

I was hoping for two more days in this weekend to finish tackling all of my projects. Hopefully I can get it done in the evenings before Thanksgiving so Friday morning we can start decorating for Christmas. Have a great week full of sunshine and books!

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  1. rawsonjl says:

    I love seeing all your lanyards and medals hanging together! That Christmas book sounds great. I just got a few from our library.

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