Hello Monday – 8/24/20

Happy Monday! I am starting my last official week of summer and I cannot believe it! This summer has felt so wonderfully long (because all of our at home together time started 3 months early) and so fast at the same time! We had a great weekend and I’m linking up with the Hello Monday girls to share it.

The boys had their last day of golf camp on Friday and I soaked up my final day without kids. I ran some errands and strolled through Ulta. I am having a moment with the summer Essie nail polish line! I’m loving them!!

I started with the yellow Sunny Business on my fingers and the orange Souq up the Sun on my toes. I love them!! Sunny Business has a sparkle to it which is pure perfection.

On Friday evening, I met Jamie and Kerry at the track. Jamie and I had our Hope run to do. It was the perfect virtual run for us. Jamie was ready to do a 30 minute walk and I am so proud of her!!

The Hope run is Jamie’s and my 13th virtual Fellow Flowers run. It is the 11th official flower run and we have two more to complete the series.

Our 11 flower runs in order – no excuse, joy, run free, dreamer, strength, rock star, fierce, truth, courage, believe, and hope.

Jamie and Kerry came over afterwards and I had the best time! We laughed so hard for hours! I really do love girlfriend time!

On Saturday, Luke had a soccer tournament. It was near Jeff’s parents’ house so we dropped Jack off with Grandma Karen and Chief to get some grandparent time. Luke’s team played well and had a great time. Jeff’s brother, his wife, and their kids came over to watch the game. His sister, her husband, and their kids came to Jeff’s parents’ house afterwards. We had a great time seeing everyone!

It was hot and they played 3 back to back scrimmages. Luke grabbed the ice pack from the cooler to cool off!

It felt good to be back in my Freedom gear!

On Sunday, Jack and Jeff headed to baseball while Luke and I headed to the pool. Jack and Jeff joined us for a while. It was a really quiet day at the pool, but it was a perfect pool day!

We tried a new pizza place for dinner. It was good enough to add into our regular rotation. We had early showers because a thunderstorm was getting ready to roll through. So we ended the evening in pjs playing Rummikub.

I have some fun planned for the boys and I next week to enjoy my last week of summer! I hope you had a great weekend and are ready for a super week full of sunshine and books! See you tomorrow for Tuesday Book Release Day.

8 thoughts on “Hello Monday – 8/24/20

  1. rawsonjl says:

    We had two thunderstorms rumble through our area this weekend; one on Saturday night and one on Sunday! We really need rain so I wasn’t that upset but usually thunderstorms bring cooler weather and that is not the case. I think we’ll have at least another few weeks of warm sunny weather.

  2. Tanya says:

    Way to go with the run! I love how you are collecting the flowers/medals…really a neat program. Looking forward to your book release post. Have a great week!

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