Friday Favorites – 8/21/20

Happy Friday! My kids were at camp this week and I thought I was going to have so much time to work on Sunshine and Books. I thought I could get a month’s worth of Tuesday Book Release Day posts written, a few new recipes, and maybe an additional post or two. Boy, was I wrong! I’m not sure how time moved so fast, but it did! I got a bunch of school work, errands, and little things around the house done, but very little blogging. In fact, I didn’t even get a post together for two days this week. I do have some favorites to share with you though and I’m linking up with Erika and Andrea to do it.

Favorite 1: GOLF!! The boys were at golf camp this week and they loved every minute of it! The golf course near us does so many wonderful things for kids and we are so thankful to have found them. The camp is all day and includes lunch (woohoo!!). On Thursday, Jack stayed for junior league so he put in a 10 hour day at the course, making it his dream day!

Jack won the up and down competition on Thursday so he got to pick a new hat from the pro shop. He was so proud!

Favorite 2: QUARTER ZIPS!! I love quarter zip tops. I feel like they elevate regular running shorts or skorts. The weather has been so much cooler in the mornings and evenings this week, so I’ve been able to wear a few new ones.

Favorite 3: WALKS!! This cooler weather made for lovely morning walks. I signed up for the Catalina Wine Mixer run a few weeks ago but never got around to running it. The bib, medal, and tank top have been sitting on my dresser for weeks and I decided that this week was time to do it. I can’t run right now because of my surfing injury, so I walked the 5k. It made me want to watch Stepbrothers again too.

Favorite 4: VIEW!!! While this isn’t a true beach view, this was a pretty great view for my “office” this week. If you check out both of my screens, you’ll definitely see beaches. You all know I love being outside in the summer so this view just makes me smile!

Favorite 5: SUNSHINE!! The sun was setting as we left Luke’s soccer practice and the sky is just so pretty! I love it!

Favorite 6: SHELLS!! Every single year we bring home a big bucket of shells from the beach. And every single January I throw them away when I’m cleaning out the garage. This year I proclaimed that we are not bringing any shells home. We were leaving them all on the beach! I stuck to it until we got to the Outer Banks. Luke loved collecting oyster shells and he worked hard all week to find good ones. I told him that he could bring them home this year if we did something with them. We decided to put them in a lamp for his room. He loves it!!

We are looking forward to a fun weekend with soccer, baseball, and some pool time. I’m hoping to finish a book and catch up with one of my college roommates. Have a great weekend full fo sunshine and books!

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4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 8/21/20

  1. Holly Breton @ Pink Lady says:

    Isn’t it funny how time gets away from us? Sounds like you wee super productive anyway! Love your son’s lamp – that came out great! Also wondering if your ears were burning last night- we chatted about my friend Lisa meeting you at the Elin Hilderbrand event down in MD- we agreed you are the sweetest- feel like I know you! 🙂

  2. jgalvinwhite says:

    I love that idea for the shells. I have a vase in our sunroom, and we put a few shells in it after each beach trip. My kids do love to bring lots of shells home too.

  3. rawsonjl says:

    Time is funny that way isn’t it? I always think I’m going to get so ahead on my blog posts too but never really seem to manage to stay more than a week or so ahead (if that!). What a great idea to put shells in a lamp for him; we often have beach finds that we don’t know what to do with either.

  4. Maureen says:

    Time is a thief! It just seems to keep going even when life should be slow because that’s how it felt since this pandemic started. The shells on the lamp are a great idea. So fun too! I wish I can get better at planning blog posts ahead but I am so not. I hope I can for the rest of this year though. I just wish social media wasn’t such a big part of either. Anyway, that’s another topic, right?

    Maureen |

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