Earrings & Necklaces – 8/6/2020

Happy Thursday! I am so excited to share some jewelry with you today that will be perfect for all the virtual meetings and school that we are getting ready for.

I used to be a pearls only girl. I wore pearl studs every single day and wore my pearl necklace most days with it. I still think pearls go with absolutely everything from bathing suits and running clothes, to teacher outfits and black tie dresses. Pearls are so classic that you just can’t go wrong with them!

I found Cora’s Den on Instagram in the past year and the big bubblegum necklaces caught my eye! They are so fun!! I always love a monogram!

There are cute, seasonal charms too!

I picked up these little pliers at Michaels to open and close the ring to change the charms.

Sometimes I like to wear the bubblegum necklaces a little longer so I picked up these extenders at Micheals, too. They are perfect for wearing the necklaces long or short.

I also have quite a few necklaces with just my monogram or a fun seasonal design.

Back in my pearls only days, I always called big earrings “pirate earrings”. They just felt so big and I felt like I was wearing pirate hoops. Now, I am all in on the big fun earrings! Aaarrgghh, matey!

I got these fun champagne earrings for my sister’s bachelorette party!

2020 was supposed to be the year that I celebrated turning 40 all over the place so I ended up with two pairs of 2020 earrings! Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to wear them to nearly as many places as I was hoping.

I always write back and forth with Katie when I am corresponding with Cora’s Den and she is the best. The company can customize anything, as long as they have the acrylic! I am telling you every, single thing I’ve ordered has met or exceeded my expectations. If you are looking for some fun earrings or necklaces for your virtual meetings, give Cora’s Den a shot!

There is always something new on the website to add to your jewelry box, like the fun back to school and Halloween collections.

They even have mask holders!!

I hope you have a great day full of fun jewelry AND sunshine and books!

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