August Goals – 8/5/2020

Happy Wednesday! I am so excited for August. Here in Maryland we still have so much summer left! We don’t officially start school until after Labor Day so there’s a lot of room to have some fun. Even though we’ve just spent two weeks at the beach, I’m hoping to go back before school starts.

However, I do start to think about the new school year and start reigning it in a little bit. I let July fly by and just enjoyed it. Sports are back up and running, for now, and they require me to maintain a loose schedule. But with evening activities and some work obligations, I need to have a few goals to stay on track. Don’t worry, Summer Sarah is still here. She just has a few things to work on. 😉

Goal 1: Drink more water! At least 64 ounces a day
Strategies: use my water tracker cup, don’t pack extra drinks for the pool, drink a full cup of water before any caffeine in the morning

Goal 2: Read 5 books
Strategies: set screen time limits on my phone/iPad, read more before bed and when I wake up instead of scrolling my phone, pick books that I am excited about

Goal 3: Run again. I haven’t run in a few weeks and I do miss it!
Strategies: interval run, get up early and run, go to the track some, run 3 days a week

Goal 4: Strength train 3 days a week, for real!
Strategies: start using the Peloton app again, schedule it in my planner, encourage the kids to join me for some of it

Goal 5: Create my home library.
Strategies: talk to a contractor, order bookshelves, install trim/filler, get books in the house organized, order blanket in Nordstrom Sale.

Goal 6: Clean out the guest room.
Strategies: photograph and post bags for sale online, clean out dresser, sell/donate clothes that we don’t wear in that closet.

Goal 7: Have a no fun shopping month

Strategies: delete my credit card stored on my iPad, wait 24 hours before making any purchase

I think that if I can achieve these seven things, the month will go so well and I will be ready for the school year to start! Here’s hoping Summer Sarah can get it done! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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