Hello Monday – 6/22/20

We had a great weekend that started with the longest day of the year – my favorite! It’s the official start to summer and the sun is up for as long as it possibly can be!

On Friday, we got a dozen fresh eggs from another family at the pool. I decided to have breakfast for dinner that night and it was so good! I absolutely love fresh eggs! Jeff made omelette and I had a fried egg. We added some fresh tomatoes and green onions to the egg and it was delicious. We finished all 12 eggs by Sunday morning. It makes me want to get chickens, just a little. Fresh eggs make everything taste better – pancakes, brownies, omelettes, everything!

On Saturday, we had no commitments. I got out early for a nice run.

Jack and Jeff rode their bikes to the pool for the first time. Jack was pretty excited. Unfortunately, we have to cross two big roads to get to the pool so the boys won’t be riding there on their own anytime soon.

We were only there for a little over an hour before it started thundering. My friend Kourtni and I decided to split up the kids like we did earlier in the week. We took the little brothers at our house and they built a massive fort under Luke’s bed. He was so happy to have a friend over and play.

We picked up pizzas and headed to Jeff’s parents’ house for dinner on Saturday. I found some Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc on sale and it was perfect for a summer evening.

On Sunday morning, I got up early and made Jeff’s favorite crumb cake. If you or someone you love is gluten free, Krusteaz makes the best gluten free baked good mixes around. After a very quick breakfast, we hit the ground running. Luke had soccer tryouts and Jack had baseball and then we met up at the pool. It was a PERFECT pool day!!

I started reading On Ocean Boulevard by Mary Alice Monroe Saturday night and kept reading on Sunday. I was positively giddy when I realized that characters from the Lowcountry Summer series are going to be in this book!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE when authors do that!!!

If you haven’t read the Lowcountry Summer series – The Summer Girls, The Summer Wind, and The Summer’s End, A Lowcountry Wedding, and A Lowcountry Christmas – I highly recommend it!! The book I am reading, On Ocean Boulevard, is in the Beach House series. I love these books too! Here’s the order – The Beach House, Swimming Lessons, Beach House Memories, Beach House for Rent, and Beach House Reunion. Cara, one of the main characters, is in The Summer Guests but it isn’t officially in the series. That wasn’t my favorite MAM book either.

This is my favorite! A good beach read, sunshine, and the beach!

After our pool afternoon, we headed home to have dinner with my parents. One of my dad’s favorite dinners is ribs so we ordered some BBQ and enjoyed it. My sister, mom, and I went together to give my dad a golf net that he wanted. Luckily he brought it with him so my guys could play with him. We had a great time and Pop won the chipping contest!

Pictures with Pop always come with giggles!

We are ready for another summer week full of sunshine 🤞🏽 and books. I hope you are too!

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4 thoughts on “Hello Monday – 6/22/20

  1. rawsonjl says:

    I wanted to start reading her beach house series but our library doesn’t have the first book in the series. I might have to take a trip to Barnes and Noble and stock up for summer anyway. My mother in law and my husband’s uncle both raise a few chickens (for fun!) and they often share their fresh eggs with us. It’s amazing the taste and color difference from those found in the grocery stores!

  2. Tanya says:

    Thanks for the reading tips! I made a Krusteaz coffee cake last week, as well as their blueberry muffins. They have the best mixes!

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