Friday Favorites – 6/19/20

Happy Friday! Our first week of summer has been so much fun! We are really embracing all the summer stuff around here! I’m joining the girls for Friday Favorites from the week. Here we go!

Favorite 1: BOOKS!! On Tuesday, the last of my Summer Beach Reads were released so we are fulling in to summer reading season! Get to it! My whole family is signed for the Summer Reading program at our local public library. You should sign up for your library’s, too!

Favorite 2: GOLF!! The junior golf league that the boys participate in started last night. Luke was playing for the first time and he loved it! Jack had a great time too! With two kids playing, Jeff and I both went to accompany the boys.

Jack asked to go to the driving range earlier this week. I took him and read my book while he practiced. When he moved to the putting green, and I moved to the covered porch, it started pouring! The rain didn’t stop him. That boy is dedicated to the game!

Favorite 3: SOCCER!! Luke’s team is doing weekly zoom trainings and his coaches are asking kids to lead practice. Luke and his buddy split the practice so Luke lead the conditioning drills. He did such a great job! At the end of every practice, the boys used to put all their hands on one ball and say “Impact”, their team name. They are keeping it up virtually, too.

Favorite 4: 1901!! I found these t-shirts this year at Nordstrom and I love them. They are so soft and comfy! I used a gift card and picked up 3. All 3 sayings are perfect for my summers!

Perfect for the pool
And perfect for an evening walk

Favorite 5: POOL!! We have been spending some time at the pool. Our pool has a few sessions throughout the day to limit attendance due to COVID-19. I had a meeting that spanned part of our lap swimming time and the first session. The boys brought their Summer Brain Quest books to do some work while I was working in between sessions.

My bathing suit matched my book this week, too. It felt like a great sign of summer!

Favorite 6: WINE!! We celebrated one of our teammates’ retirement at a local winery this week and it was lovely! Another one of my teammates got these fun, wine glasses for us! I love the white sparkle and the saying!

Favorite 7: KEY LIME CRUSH!! We’ve restocked the supplies and are ready to enjoy the weekend with key lime crushes! I can’t wait! Cheers!!

Favorite 8: BROTHERS!! Even though I don’t love all the screen time, I do love when my boys play in the same Minecraft world. They are too cute giving each other tips or telling them where they are. I love that they are still playing together even if they are on their ipads.

We also celebrated with some of our favorite brother pairs this weekend! The big brothers are headed to middle school and all 10 brothers are ready for summer!!

Favorite 9: SUMMER RUNNING!! Oh, it’s been hot and humid and I love it! I’ve even run in a mist a few times lately. My running is feeling good and I love having a little flexibility instead of running every single day.

Favorite 10: SPORTS!! The boys’ sports are starting back up and it has been nice to see them out there with friends, even if it is spread apart. I will say that even though things were starting slowly, our calendar filled right up. This week for example – Tuesday baseball, Wednesday soccer, Thursday golf, Friday soccer, Sunday baseball and soccer tryouts. Boom! Full!

That’s it for the week! We are celebrating the dads this weekend and hoping to spend some time at the pool with friends! Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 6/19/20

  1. Joanne says:

    Our library isn’t doing a summer reading program this year. My boys and I have always participated. I love when my boys play on the same game worlds too; lately they’ve been linking up with other family and friends online too and it’s hilarious to hear them all yelling and giggling and working together.

    • sunshineandbooksblog says:

      Really?? That’s such a shame! Our library is doing it completely online with less weekly prizes, but they are still doing it. Maybe a surrounding library is doing it that you could join.

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