Quarantine Days – 5/13/20

Happy Wednesday! I shared our quarantine day over on Instagram a few weeks ago and I realized that I never shared it here. So this is what our days look like lately.

6:20 My alarm goes off and I read the paper or a book or scroll my phone for a little while in bed.

The boys were up before I left. I usually try to get out the door before they wake up, but I didn’t make it this morning. They’ve been sleeping in each other’s rooms lately because why not!

The sun was shining and I had a great walk.

I turn on my computer when I get home from my walk and then make sure the boys are eating breakfast. I make my own breakfast now too while I’m checking my emails.

Luke loves to play with the Google doodle each morning!

He’s reading The Lemonade War with his ELA class. His teacher reads and records a few chapters a week.

Our boys need allergy meds in the spring time. Especially now that they are playing outside so much more.

Jack’s class was reading Chains and he had to interpret Common Sense by Thomas Paine and relate it to the main character Isabel’s story.

Then I got myself ready for my two virtual meetings. I’m not too fancy over here!

Then, I hopped over to check on Luke and help him with his geometry work.

After my meetings I got back to work in the Minecraft EDU tutorials. I’ve had some questions about it from students so I needed to get learning.

I made lunch for the boys and emptied the dishwasher.

Jeff and I headed out for our midday walk. We go for a walk just about every day – rain or shine. I ended up going for two loops of our route and the boys joined me on their bikes for the second loop.

We still had a few pieces of Easter candy left and these are my favorites!!

The rest of our afternoon was pretty active. We did the Peloton app core 4 week workout. Jeff did his daily strength and agility workouts with the boys while I did some more school work. Then the four of us headed over to our neighborhood tennis court.

We picked up carry out from our local Mexican restaurant. I love the carry out drinks and hope this keeps up after all the stay at home orders end.

I ordered these fun tank tops for this year because I turn 4-0 and I had some fun trips planned. It’s not looking great for all the trips. Unfortunately this stop was not on any of our itineraries.

I worked on my pool work. I am the membership chair for our pool and it is usually so much fun! Right now, it’s a little different but I am still taking care of all the membership duties.

I took a quick shower and headed down to join the boys for Jeff’s Home School lesson on Pete Rose.

We put the boys to bed and I finished up my What’s Up Wednesday post for the next day.

I headed to bed 10:31 to watch a little tv and read.

That’s a pretty typical day around here right now. I have been walking a bunch. The boys are spending a bunch of time outside. We are spending a bunch of time together. It’s pretty great! Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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