Friday Favorites – 4/3/20

Happy Friday! We are still over here looking for all of the silver linings we can find. Staying home all the time definitely has its ups and downs, but we are focusing on the ups! I am linking up with Narci and the girls for Friday Favorites.

Favorite 1: JACK!! We celebrated Jack’s 11th birthday on Tuesday. Our governor placed a stricter stay home order as of Monday evening at 8 so we had to change his celebration a little. My parents and Jeff’s parents came over on Monday for dinner and cake. We maintained our social distancing the whole time. I set up tables on the driveway since the sun was shining and we had takeout from Jack’s favorite – Mission BBQ.

Our sweet friends organized a birthday drive by parade with Jack’s favorite ice cream sandwiches. It brought actual tears to my eyes to see our friends in real life. Jack’s smile was so bright when he realized why all the horns were honking driving down our street!

The boys did a great job staying away from each other. The kids standing close are sets of brothers.

On Jack’s actual birthday we played a fun game of miniature golf. Every year since Jack turned three I put balloons on his door overnight for him to run through in the morning. I though he may be outgrowing it, but absolutely not! This year I used balloon sticks to put them across his door and make a birthday balloon mini golf leading to his presents. Jack and I played and he was the winner! One of Jack’s buddies in the neighborhood stopped by to drop off a card. Even though this wasn’t the day he envisioned for his birthday, it was a great day!

Favorite 2: JEFF’S HOME SCHOOL!! Jeff has been teaching the boys all about athletes and events that happened before they were born. They are loving all their new sports knowledge and talk about it whenever they can. It is a great way to end each day!

Favorite 3: TIME!! Luke is loving all the extra time to play guys at home. He has a battle that is going into it’s 4th day covering the basement, first floor, and second floor. There are bases all over the house and he could not be happier!

Favorite 4: CHATS! I do love all the opportunities to connect with my friends through video chats. I’ve used zoom, teams, and google meet. I’ve seen my college girlfriends, my high school friends and that extended group, and my school friends. It’s been a great way to connect! My college girlfriends are scattered around the country so we decided to keep using meet to see each other more often!

Favorite 5: SCHOOL LIBRARY MONTH!! Even though we are all at home, it is still School Library Month! I am figuring out ways so celebrate with our students online!! Be sure to keep using your school library!

Favorite 6: WEIGHTS!! Jeff and I have been walking miles around our neighborhood every day. I picked up a pair of 2 lb hand weights to engage my arms a bit. The boys think it looks ridiculous, but I don’t care. Between my corded headphones and my hand weights, I have officially entered the old lady walking club.

Favorite 7: PENS/PENCILS!! The parents of my new homeschool students thought I deserved some new pens and pencils to start our work at home. Wasn’t that so nice of them (me)? 😂 Flair pens and mechanical pencils certainly brightened my day. And because my classroom is at home, I can use a fun wine glass to hold them.

That’s all for the week. I hope everyone has a safe, healthy weekend full of sunshine and books!

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites – 4/3/20

  1. Patty says:

    Happy birthday to your Jack! You are truly making the Best out of stay at home orders. One day at a time.

    Be well,

  2. Maureen says:

    Happy birthday to your son! So glad his day turned out so well. Homeschool with dad looks great and sounds like a fantastic idea. Our library is still closed and I am not able to borrow any books. 🙁 I hope your Friday is off to a great start and happy Friday!

    Maureen |

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