Monthly Musings – 2/27/20

I’m coming at you late Thursday evening, but I didn’t want to miss the monthly linkup with Holly and Patty! This month we are answering questions about Luck since St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner.

1 – Do you believe in luck? You bet I do!!

2 – Do you have a lucky person or charm? Nope, but I have been known to be a little superstitious when it comes to winning at sporting events.

3 – Do you play the lottery? Buy scratch off tickets? I do sometimes. I play the lotto when it is really big, but that is it. I love scratch off tickets. I don’t buy them often, but I think they are fun stocking stuffers, little add ons to a gift, or to put on a fun dinner table.

4 – Would you rather be lucky or smart? Ooooo, that’s a tricky one, but I think I’ll pick smart. Sometimes you have to make your own luck and being smart about a decision/situation can do just that.

5 – Have you ever won anything? I sure have! I’ve won things in our raffles at school. I’ve won a quarter in Super Bowl pools. I’ve won discounts/jewelry/etc in facebook sales parties, too.

6 – Who is the luckiest person you know? The funny answer to this one is Jeff. You don’t get any luckier than being married to me! 😉 I could also say the same thing for me – I can’t get any luckier than being married to Jeff. 😍

7 – Will you be wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day? You betcha!! I work in an elementary school so there would be pinching galore without the green. But really, I love a good theme and green on St. Patrick’s Day fits right in!

8 – Green beer or green bagels? Yes please!

9 – Do you make any fun food for St. Patrick’s Day? I do but it’s a little joke. We went to Ireland about 15 years ago and I confirmed that I am not a fan of Irish food. Not one bit! I ate toasted specials (grilled cheese or grilled ham and cheese) and pizza the whole way through Ireland, so that is what we eat on St. Patrick’s Day.

10 – St. Patrick’s Day – stay in or go out? It depends on the day. If it falls a weekend, I’m happy to go out during the day for a bit. If it falls on a weekday, no way!

See you tomorrow for Friday favorites! At this point, I feel like I should say hope your dreams are full of sunshine and you read a great book before bed!

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