Friday Favorites – 2/28/20

Happy Friday!! I’m so excited to be here today! My posts have been a little sporadic lately. Between traveling, a terrible cold, pink eye, meetings, and all the sports, I’m barely keeping up. Be sure to check out what we’ve been up to by checking out my What’s Up Wednesday, Monthly Musings, and Friday’s Favorites posts. Today, I’m linking up with Narci and the girls to share my favorites! Let’s get to it…

Favorite 1 – SISTER TIME!! I had so much fun with my sister last weekend in Asheville for her bachelorette party! I don’t get to see Annie a ton, so it was amazing to see her for a whole weekend! I flew into Atlanta and then we drove to Asheville together. Car time is so good for catching up and we had 3 hours each way of car time! I’m planning a recap of the weekend next week, so be sure to check it out!!
This weekend I am heading south again for Annie’s shower. This time my mom is coming with me. I am excited for another weekend of sister time!!

Favorite 2 – CLASSES!! I mentioned that I did a challenge at the gym to take 4 classes in each of the 3 studios (cycle, group fitness, and yoga). I remembered how much I love BodyFlow! I took it on Wednesday and woke up Thursday so so sore, but the good kind. The kind of sore where you know you worked muscles you have used in a long time. I also remembered that I don’t love cycling enough to take a class longer than 30 minutes.

Favorite 3 – CONTACTS!! After FIVE WHOLE DAYS of glasses, I was finally back in my contacts! Oh it felt so good to be back in my contacts. They make reading, exercising, driving, and life in general so much easier!

Favorite 4 – NOTHING!! We had exactly nothing to do on Tuesday and it was glorious! The boys were literally swinging from the molding and I turned around to find Luke having a light saber battle while climbing the walls.

Luke has been a wall climber for years.
I’m not sure when he started, but he loves it!

Favorite 5 – LILLY!! I found this Lilly quote online this week and it is absolutely perfect. I’m going to end the list on this favorite – Lilly and happy!

Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books! I am looking forward to a fun weekend with my mom, sister, and my sister’s friends! I am signed up to do a 5k with Another Mother Runner on Sunday morning and I am pretty excited about that too. Hilton Head running is my favorite – it’s warm, flat, and beachy!!

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  1. Joanne says:

    My middle son used to be a wall climber; we were just talking about how he can no longer do that now that’s he’s over 6 feet. He’s too wide/long for our hallways!

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