Hello Monday – 1/20/20

Happy Monday! School’s are closed for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day so all four of us are home today!! Luke is playing in a soccer tournament this afternoon so we are excited to cheer him on. I am linking up with Tanya and the girls for Hello Monday!

We had a fun day planned on Saturday with a few basketball games for the boys and two 40th birthday celebrations. All the games were cancelled because we were supposed to get a few inches of snow, freezing rain, and a wintry mix throughout the day. It was a total bust! It hardly snowed. It did freezing rain but roads were totally fine. And now we have to make up all those games. Luckily the weather didn’t cancel the celebrations! We had the greatest time celebrating our friends!

The first celebration was for my friend Kerry. I have known Kerry since high school so it was a fun combination of friends from growing up and friends that I’ve met as an adult. A fabulous mix of fabulous people! ❤️

The second celebration was for Luke’s basketball coach. We’ve just gotten to know him over the past year and had a great time with our parent friends. We’ve met everyone at that party through our kids, and we couldn’t be happier that they are our kids’ friends’ parents! ❤️

I only took one picture of Jeff and I after we got home (blogger fail) but we were having too much fun at the celebrations!

I turn 40 this year and have some fun things planned, but I am working on creating a list of things I’d like to do before I turn 40. Some are fun and some are serious. If you have any suggestions or would care to share a list of things to do before you turn a certain age, please comment or put a link in the comments. Thanks!

Sunday was a super low key day. I had a meeting about our summer swim team in the morning and that’s it! I went to the gym and ran a few errands, but other than that I was home with my people. ❤️

I did get some good reading time this weekend. It was the Show Us Your Books readathon and I finished the book I was reading. With basketball cancelled on Saturday and yucky weather for playing outside, a few of the boys’ friends met at the gym to play basketball and then they went to swim team practice. I had already worked out so I read for a while. It was lovely, especially when it started snowing at the pool. The pool has glass walls and ceiling so it was like being in a snow globe.

I am working on my Jolabokaflod books by Elizabeth Berg right now and I LOVE them!! I just finished The Story of Arthur Truluv and started Night of Miracles. I was certain I had read Elizabeth Berg books before, but none of them sound familiar when I looked at her backlist. Either way, I am really enjoying her books and can’t wait to read more!

Have a great day full of sunshine and books! I’ll be back tomorrow for Tuesday Talk.

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  1. Joanne says:

    We were supposed to get a lot of snow here too but only ended up with a few inches– at least 1/2 of what they were predicting.

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