January Goals – 1/13/20

Happy Monday! I love the clean slate feeling of January. I love getting a new calendar, setting goals for that year, and planning out the fun for the year. I have always been a resolution girl. Lately though, I’ve been setting my big goals for the year in February at Declare It Day. Check out Declare It Day 2019, Declare It Day 2018, and Declare It Day 2017! I will be celebrating Declare It Day a little late this year because we will be away. I love to host my favorite girlfriends for some fun, exercise, and goal setting. Be on the lookout for it next month.

As I was writing my January goals I realized that the last goals I shared were in October. I did ok on those goals. I partially achieved most of them – keep the counter clean, eat from our pantry/freezer, run a mile every day before school (NOPE!), add variety to my workouts (not really), read 6 books, drink 75 ounces of water, purchase at least 5 Christmas presents (nope). We got busy with Christmas excitement, overlapping sports schedules, and some busy days at school and my goals fell by the wayside. I think my main goal was to keep my head above water and get everything done that needed to be done – food on the table, kids ready for school, me ready to teach, run at least a mile, get ready for Christmas. That sounds about right. I achieved that goal, but I am ready to start fresh in January. Here are my goals:

☀️ Eat from our freezer/pantry. The freezer is so full right now that opening it requires quick reflexes because anything could fall out at any moment.
Strategies: meal plan, inventory the freezer, reimplement the “we don’t get anything in a category until it is all gone” rule, set a morning alarm to take food out of the freezer

☀️ Update Christmas card addresses
Strategies: just do it!, use my sister’s wedding address spreadsheet, sit down and do it!

☀️ Write book reviews for Sunshine and Books, NetGalley, and Goodreads.
Strategies: write christmas book reviews by 1/20, write reviews within 2 days of finishing books on drafts of scheduled posts

☀️ Plan Annie’s bachelorette party!! We are headed to Asheville, NC if anyone has any fun ideas, please share them in the comments!!
Strategies: Yelp, search Pinterest, just make the decisions, order items needed

☀️ Start my things to do before I turn 40 list. My birthday is in September and I have some big trips to celebrate this year, but I would like to start creating a list of things to do before I turn 40.
Strategies: make a good old list ❤️ my favorite!, ask for suggestions, brainstorm, think of what I want to be proud of doing in my 30s

☀️ Get my hamstring under control. My hip and hamstring have really been bothering me lately and I need to figure this out. I am hoping it doesn’t mean I have to take a break from running, but I am willing to take it super easy for a bit.
Strategies: stretching, icing, foam rolling, ibuprofening, super slow running for just one mile, taking a little break from everything else that is strenuous, wearing comfy shoes even if it doesn’t match my outfit

☀️ Read 5 books.
Strategies: keep my kindle loaded and charged, always keep my book with me, less social media scrolling, go to bed a little earlier to read

☀️ Exercise before school.
Strategies: set out clothes before I go to bed, get in bed by 9:15, no more snooze button

I am excited about our January! Time to go get these goals met!!

Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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