Friday Favorites – 11/29/19

Happy Friday!! I’m linking up with the girls to share my favorites today.

Favorite 1: FAMILY!! We spent a lot good family time this week and it was a favorite! We saw Aladdin. It was the boys second Broadway musical in Baltimore. We had 4 seats in one row and 2 seats behind them. I think that was the best seating arrangement. My parents sat next to the boys and Jeff and I were behind them. We could all see the boys faces light up with the music, story, and special effects. I loved it!
We saw White Christmas on Saturday night at our local high school. They did a great job and it was a wonderful way to kick off the Christmas season together!
We spent Thanksgiving with both sides of the family. It was a bunch of fun and so nice to be together!

Favorite 2: FOOD!! It is Thanksgiving week, so after the family it is all about the food. I tried a new recipe and it was so yummy!! My friend Jamie shared her Cranberry Chutney recipe with me. It smelled so good while it was simmering and tasted even better! I served it over cream cheese for a tasty festive appetizer.
I made stuffing for the first time ever this year. I guess it is really called dressing because it didn’t go in the bird. I made it Thanksgiving morning with my right over my shoulder telling me how to do it, perfection! (Just so you know, this is only the second year that I’ve eaten stuffing so I felt a bit brave to attempt making it for Thanksgiving dinner.)
I shared one my favorite childhood recipes this week. It is an easy, tasty weeknight favorite!

Favorite 3: CHRISTMAS!! I’ve been listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas Hallmark movies for weeks, but coming home to this on Wednesday afternoon was a definite favorite. Jeff pulled all the Christmas boxes and trees down from the attic so I can get started first thing this morning.

Favorite 4: EXERCISE!! I have been doing the Fellow Flower Holiday Challenge for a few years and I love how it makes me feel – emotionally and physically! 30 minutes of movement every single day helps me feel great all season long!

I hope everyone has a great weekend full of sunshine and books! Ours will hopefully be filled with more family, food, and Christmas, and some basketball.

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  1. Mother of 3 says:

    We started decking the halls bright and early this morning too! My husband and boys drag all the boxes and totes up from the basement and I get to put it all out (though we will decorate the tree together after dinner).

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