Hello Monday – 11/25/19

Happy Monday! It’s Thanksgiving week and we have 2.5 days of school until Thanksgiving break! I am ready for the week and ready for the fun on break!

I decided to use today to share something that I am pretty excited about – The Fellow Flowers Move Your A$$ Challenge!!

You know I love everything Fellow Flowers! And you know I love moving my body. So this challenge is the perfect combo!! The goal of this challenge is to have 30 minutes of intentional movement every day from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. It is a completely free challenge for any woman who wants to participate. There is a facebook group that anyone can join for support, encouragement, accountability, and fun! For four years, I have been so thankful for the motivation this group gives me.

Mel, the head flower, of Fellow Flowers creates so many fun pictures, like the ones you are seeing here. (Thanks Mel!!) She gives her heart to this group and this mission that women are taking charge of their time, their health, and their sanity. The pictures are free to use in the facebook group and we are encouraged to make collages sharing how you move your a$$. These are from last year using PicCollage. I love making them.

I think this will be my fourth year doing the challenge. Each year I learn new workouts and ideas to move my body during this busy time. My favorite thing that I’ve learned about in the Move Your A$$ challenge is the Down Dog app. I love the free version for at home yoga. The music is soothing and there are so many options to customize for free.

Four years ago, this challenge started my workout streak. I have now moved my body every single day for 1096 days, including today. I didn’t always move it for 30 minutes, sometimes it was just a mile run, but I have moved this body. I am so thankful that this challenge came along at a time when I was ready to embrace a new outlook on working out, a new challenge to rise to, and a way to have fun while holding myself accountable.

Especially during the holidays, moving my body helps relieve stress and have more energy to keep up with all the fun!

I also find that I make (slightly) better choices during the holidays when I am consciously moving every day. I know that there will be treats, booze, dips, and wine at all the holiday events. And I feel a little bit better about having a treat or wine because I know I’ve worked this body!

I hope you’ll join me (and the facebook group) this year to move your a$$ in the Fellow Flowers Holiday Challenge!! Be sure to check out Mel’s post in the group to see the rules and the all the ways to have some fun!

Let’s do this ladies!!! I hope you have a great day full of sunshine and books and signing up for the Fellow Flowers Holiday Challenge!!

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