Hello Monday – 11/18/19

Happy Monday! We had a weekend that wasn’t full of anything and it was lovely!! I’m linking up with Tanya and the girls to say Hello Monday!

Friday was the 50th day of school in the 50th year of our school. We had such a fun day and this little guy was too cute in the morning.

On Friday evening I went to see an author who’s books I’d never read. Debbie, at my local bookstore said that I would love his Christmas books and that I needed to come if I could. Jeff was home so I went and I am so glad I broke out my Christmasy vest and went.

It turns out he’s written a few Hallmark Christmas movies and even had a cameo in one. Richard Paul Evans was there to promote his new book, Noel Street, in his Noel series and I picked up a copy. The Hallmark movies he’s written are based on his Mistletoe series. I may have gotten one of those too. He was very kind and assured me that I was going to love his book. I tried to assure him that I would be perfect as a bit part in a Hallmark movie, but it didn’t work. Maybe when he sees this post, he’ll have his people call my people and it will be a done deal. 😂

On Saturday, we went out to breakfast to celebrate great report cards. The boys did so well in the first quarter and we are super proud of them.

The boys had swim team practice around noon and that was it for sporty things. Jeff took Jack to work with him for the day to watch a basketball scrimmage and two football games. He had the best day! Luke had a birthday party and he had a great time too! I got to go out to dinner with my friend Kelly. We haven’t seen each other in months and it was so good for my soul to see her!!

On Sunday, we didn’t have anything to do until basketball practice at 5. The boys were up late on Saturday and slept until after 8. I took Jack to the gym to run and swim a bit but that was all we did. Luke used his blanket to be a king of the Dustbuster.

I spent some time with Nancy Thayer’s Let It Snow and The Hallmark Channel. It was a chilly, gray afternoon and staying inside and cozy felt perfect.

The boys had basketball practice from 5-7. After that it was snack, shower, bed. A lovely low key weekend for us!

Have a great week full of sunshine and books!

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  1. rawsonjl says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Richard Paul Evans but it sounds like I’d enjoy his books. I’ll have to pick one up at our library.

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