Friday Favorites – 11/15/19

Happy Friday!! I’ve been having this weird feeling that time is flying (only 4.5 weeks of school left in 2019) and crawling (oh my goodness how is it only Thursday when it feels like this week has been 12 days) at the same time. Thanksgiving being so close to Christmas has me starting to freak out a little bit about being ready, squeezing in all the fun, and relaxing a little bit, too. Here’s hoping it all works out!
I’m linking up with Narci and the girls to share my favorites from the week.

Favorite 1: CHAMPIONS!! Luke had a soccer tournament last weekend and he played his heart out. I was so proud of how hard he worked and how well his team played together. It was so so so cold, but that didn’t hold the Impact back one bit. They played four games and ended up winning the tournament. Luke was so excited! He ran across the field after talking to their coach and jumped into my arms. It was a definite favorite!
Jeff’s sister and her family came to cheer Luke on in one of his games. It was so cold and our nieces were too cute!

Favorite 2: BOOKS! I shared my recent reads on Tuesday. I loved 2, enjoyed 1, and didn’t like 1 book that I read. I loved American Royals and was excited to see that it is the beginning of a series. I can’t wait to see what happens to the imaginary American Royal Family.

Favorite 3: KINDNESS!! We celebrated Kindness Day hard at my school. There were teachers helping others, giving each other breaks, sharing sweet messages, and delivering yummy goodies to each other all day. Everyone was so cheerful and kind to each other. A bunch of of us wore our cardigans to honor Mr. Rogers, too.

Favorite 4: CORA’S DEN!! I know you may be saying, “we get it Sarah, you love the necklaces,” but I really do love the necklaces. I got a new shipment of winter necklaces and can’t wait to start wearing them all the time! I broke out my first new one on Wednesday. Katie, the artist behind Cora’s Den on Etsy, is so lovely to work with and has helped me customize my necklaces so they are exactly what I want. This necklace came with a monogram, but I thought a star would be perfect and I could wear it all year long!

Favorite 5: GYM BUDDIES!! Twice this week the boys joined me on the treadmill at the gym. On Tuesday, the boys ran with me while we were waiting for Kids Club to open. On Wednesday, Luke ran with me while we were waiting for Jack to finish swim team practice. They love using the treadmills. I think it makes them feel grown up. 😉 I love spending time with my boys and getting my daily mile done.

Favorite 6: SUN! I do not love the sun setting so early, but I do love watching the beautiful sunsets!!

Favorite 7: AUTHORS!! Lisa Jewell was in our small town on Saturday all the way from the UK. Her talk was at the same time as Luke’s soccer game but I thought I could rush out of his game and make it to meet her. Well, I barely did. I had to run across the parking lot, knock on her car window, and wave her out of the car. She got out and we had a great conversation in the parking lot with me gushing over her books and revealing that I just discovered her other genre – light ladies fiction similar to Jenny Colgan – and that I can’t wait to read more!! She was super lovely, but I am pretty sure when she got in the car she was thinking, “Americans are crazy.” She signed my book saying “so nice to meet you in a parking lot” and her publicist insisted on documenting the occasion with her camera. 😂

We have a pretty low key weekend – just swimming and basketball practices. Jeff has to work on Saturday, but I have plans to get a bunch done around the house and organize myself for the next month and a half. I hope you have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!!

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  1. rawsonjl says:

    I am feeling that same way about time! It seems to slow and speed up and I am really stressing about the limited time between Thanksgiving and Christmas… especially since I have a few more doctor appointments tucked in between the two too!

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