Hello Monday – 10/14/19

Happy Monday! I am looking forward to another short week! Our weekends have been crazy so these short weeks are what’s getting me through. I am linking up with Tanya and the girls for Hello Monday!

We went to Ocean City this weekend for Luke’s soccer tournament. I was a little worried about the weather because the forecast was chilly and some clouds.

When we got there Friday, it was cold and very cloudy. But you know me, it takes more than that to keep me from the beach. We were there for about an hour. The boys played lacrosse/baseball catch and football while I read. Then we went for a walk into Delaware and back.

We headed to indoor putt putt after the beach to keep the fun going. Jack and Luke had a ton of fun. Jack got 4 hole in ones and Luke got 3. I am pretty sure they’ll be ready for the PGA any day now. 😉

After dinner with some friends at Ropewalk, complete with my favorite summer drink, a key lime crush, we headed to bed early to be ready for the tournaments. Jeff came later that night because he had a football game at work that night.

My Saturday morning run gave me all the summer vibes! I love beach running – flat, breezy, a little humid – I couldn’t ask for anything more!!

Later that day Luke’s team had two rough losses but we were done by 2 and headed to the beach for a bit. The water was chilly but all the kids and Jeff got in for a while. We swung by Ropewalk for another key lime crush before dinner. It is so tasty and I enjoyed my last one of the season.

I got up and moving on Sunday morning. My run was BEAUTIFUL! That sunrise fed my soul! It was so gorgeous that I kept stopping to capture it on my run!

Luke’s team played tough on Sunday and tied the team that won the tournament. I was planning on another beach day, but the weather wasn’t cooperating. It was chilly, spitting rain, and cloudy. In addition, they are doing construction on the Bay Bridge and it could take up to an extra hour to get home. I made the decision to head home early with the kids. Jeff was staying an extra night because he had to be on the eastern shore in the morning for work.

When we got home, they were clearing the rest of the corn stalks. The kids played outside until dinner.

We played a rousing double game of 24 to practice math facts. My boys love that game!

After I put them to bed, the tractor was still working!

Even though the weather was a little chillier than I was hoping for, it was a good last beach weekend. I am looking forward to getting some pumpkins and mums this week with the boys. I hope you have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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