Friday Favorites – 10/11/19

Happy Friday! We had a great week! Wednesday off makes for a pretty great work schedule. We are headed to the beach this weekend for a soccer tournament and everyone is excited! I am hoping that the sunshine warms up the forecasted temperatures. A beach weekend in October is always a favorite!

I am linking up with Narci and the girls for Friday Favorites this week.

Favorite 1: SPORTS WEEKENDS!! Last weekend was devoted to the boys. Luke had two soccer games on Saturday and Jack had a baseball tournament on Sunday. I was excited to watch my boys play the sports they love, even if it meant I was gone for 8.5 hours both days. I didn’t have the most productive weekend, but I did have a great time cheering on the Impact and the Cyclones!

Favorite 2: SWIMMING!! I am trying to vary my workouts this month. We had off school on Wednesday so I decided to go for a swim early that morning. I haven’t done a swim workout in a really long time! I bet you are surprised because I spend so much time at the pool in the summer, but there was not one incident of swimming laps this year. I was a competitive swimmer for a long time, about 10 years, and it felt good to get back in the pool. I set a goal to swim for 30 minutes straight. I did it but I was pretty sure my shoulders were going to fall off. I’m going to try to get back to the pool at least once a week moving forward.

Favorite 3: LISTS!! On Wednesday, I made everyone a list of everything they needed to get done during the day. It was wonderful because I wasn’t nagging them to do anything and the boys balanced the fun with the jobs. I love a list for me because it keeps me focused on everything I need to do. I have always been a list maker and I can’t see a time that I won’t be making daily lists.

Favorite 4: THIS!! We still have some Duplos in our guest room. The boys still play with them occasionally and it makes me so happy when they do. They spent the better part of an hour building different arrangements of towers on Wednesday while I was checking things off my list. At one point, the tower was taller than me! It was so sweet to hear them planning how it should go and playing so nicely together.

Favorite 5: SOCCER!! Luke’s soccer team got invited to walk out on the field with the high school varsity team when they were introduced on Thursday night. Luke was SOOO EXCITED!! After watching the second half of the JV game, they got to go out and watch Varsity warm up. They paired up with the players and ran out to midfield as their high schooler was introduced. The high school boys were so good to our little boys! We stayed for the first half and our home team was winning 3-0.

Favorite 6: BIG BROTHERS!! These big brothers had a little freedom at the soccer game. They sat by themselves and were very cool, in case you were wondering. 😉 I love the friendship of the big brothers and how much fun they have together.

Favorite 7: MATCHING! It brings me joy when my clothes match to the extreme, almost like Granimals for grown ups. I noticed that my running outfit was super matching on Thursday morning and had to snap a picture.

We are packed and ready to head to the beach for the weekend! I am looking forward to next week too! The kids have an eye doctor appointment on Tuesday and we have off on Friday for the state teachers convention. Hopefully I will get to read a bunch in the next week. I am reading Elin’s new book What Happens in Paradise and have American Royals and The Matriarch: Barbara Bush and the Making of an American Dynasty from the library. Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

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