Friday Favorites – 10/4/19

Happy Friday!! Oh, I am so glad it’s Friday!! We had off school Monday and a teacher work day on Tuesday, but this has been a wild 3 day week so far. I’m linking up with Erika and the girls for Friday Favorites from this wild week.

Favorite 1 – CELEBRATIONS!!! We wrapped up a 11 celebration binge last night and it was so fun!! We celebrated my birthday, my 1000th day, Jack’s half birthday, and Jeff’s birthday between last Sunday and yesterday. There were cookouts, happy hours, sleepovers, and lots of desserts. Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us near and far!!

This cake plate has been working hard and it’s time for a rest. We’ll bring it back out for spring birthday season. It is my grandmother’s and has been passed down to my mom and now to me. It sings happy birthday (at a comically slow pace now) but has been a part of every single birthday I can ever remember and I love it so!

Favorite 2 – SUN!! The sun has been shining for days on end and it has made everyone of us happy!! The sunset on Wednesday night was incredible!! I love when the sun reminds us how beautiful the world is!!

I love when my outfit can match the sunshine! Even though Jack told me I looked like a professional tennis player instead of a professional librarian, it was still a great outfit! I was comfy all day at school and brought the sunshine everywhere I went!

Favorite 3 – TEAMWORK!! Jack’s baseball team held a car wash on Sunday! They worked so hard and raised a bunch to help fund their trip to South Carolina next summer.

The other major act of teamwork came from my friend Jodi this weekend! We ran a homemade half marathon together and my portion was UGLY!! At one point, I sat down and said I wasn’t running anymore. She talked me in to getting up and running again. We finished strong and Jodi was my cheerleader all the way. She’s cheerful, makes great conversation, and encourages me to keep running. I love running with Jodi!!

We have a fun but busy weekend filled with swimming, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, and baseball. I’m hoping to get a bunch of reading in the beautiful sunshine while I cheer on my boys! I hope your weekend is full of sunshine and books too!

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