October Goals – 10/7/19

Happy Monday! I am sharing my October goals today, even though I just shared my September goals a few weeks ago.

Here are my September goals. I did pretty well with them, especially the one that I thought would be the hardest – the island.

☀️ Keep our island clear enough for homework and dinner. YES!! I did it and it made a huge difference in my day. I’m going to keep this one on my goal list in October to make it a true habit!

☀️  Make it to Day 1000 feeling good. YES!! I felt great on Day 1000. Day 1001 was a different story. Jodi and I ran a homemade half marathon and it was tough! But we did it and that’s all that counts.

☀️  Have lunches packed by 5 pm. YES!! I think there has only been 1 day that I packed lunches after the kids went to bed. It makes my evenings so much smoother and more pleasant. I’m going to keep this one up too!

☀️  Keep up with meal planning/eat from the freezer and pantry. YES!! This sounds a little silly but my pantry and freezer no longer overwhelm me and I’ve significantly reduced the number of doubles I’m purchasing each week. I’m going to keep this on up next month!

☀️  Get outside every day for at least 20 minutes because it’s still summer!!  YES!! The weather in September was amazing! It was so summery that I spent tons of time outside!

☀️  Read 6 books – 4 adult books and 2 kids books. NOPE. I read 3 adult books, 1 kid graphic novel, and a bunch of picture books. Hopefully we’ll be a little more settled into our routine and I can get back to more reading.

October Goals

☀️ Keep the island clean enough for dinner and homework.
Strategies: deal with mail immediately, enforce the no toys/treasures on the counter, put my books away, remember how good it feels to have a clean counter to work on

☀️ Keep eating from our pantry/freezer.
Strategies: get the kids involved with the “we don’t by anything in a category until we finish everything in the pantry” challenge, update inventory of pantry and freezer, make meal plans that use what we have, search for recipes by ingredients I have

☀️ Run one mile everyday before school.
Strategies: get to bed a little earlier (by 9:30), put my clothes out the night before, no reading when my alarm goes off in the morning

☀️ Add variety to my workouts.
Strategies: sign up for the Daily Burn 30 day trial, go to classes at the gym, move the weights in the basement so they are more accessible, do the workouts as soon as I get home from school

☀️ Read 6 books – 4 adult books and 2 kids books.
Strategies: read more at work, watch less tv, less internet/social media scrolling, pick books that are interesting to me, keep my book with me at all times

☀️ Drink 75+ ounces of water.
Strategies: always have a cup of water with me, bring more water to work each day, drink a cup of water when I brush my teeth

☀️ Purchase at least 5 Christmas presents
Strategies: ask people for ideas, make lists, hunt for sales, go to a store to shop 😂

I am continuing a few from last month because I really want them to become consistent habits. I think the hardest one will be adding variety to my workouts. I struggle with that when my treadmill is right in the basement and I know exactly what I’m doing when it comes to running.

Have a great week full of sunshine and books!

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