Friday Favorites – 9/20/19

Happy Friday!! I am so glad to see you!!! This has been a really fun week but I am ready for the weekend! I am linking up what Narci and the girls for Friday Favorites.

Favorite 1: AUTHORS!! Luke had practice and Jack was playing golf so we didn’t get to hear Max Brallier’s talk but we did get to meet him last night. He was great with Luke during the signing and entertained my taking a picture with him too. His series “The Last Kids on Earth” is a Netflix series now and my guys can’t wait to watch it!

Favorite 2: MORNING RUNS!! I knew Thursday was going to be busy so I set my alarm extra early to get my run in before school. It was dark dark dark but I was so glad to be done before school started! After Day 1000 on September 27th and my half-marathon, I think I am going to back off big time on the run streak and keep to 1 mile a day for a while. I’m hoping to make it part of my routine to run before school because it won’t take very long.

Favorite 3: JACK!! At our school, 5th graders can apply to be on the safety patrol and to be kindergarten bus helpers. Jack was selected for both and he is so stinking cute! I love catching a glimpse of him taking his duties so seriously. It’s so funny to hear his stories each afternoon of what the students have been doing.

Favorite 4: SUNNY AFTERNOONS! The kids have been playing outside every day after school. I love it because they can burn off some energy before homework time and I get a little quiet time in the house to get ready for homework/dinner/evening routines. One afternoon this week, a few kids had a lemonade stand and it was super cute. There were a bunch of kids gathered around when I got there with some money for the boys.

Favorite 5: READING!! Luke took his reading to Jack’s baseball practice this week. Any time one of my kids is reading, I love it! And I don’t care where they are reading, even in a tree! 😂

Favorite 6: GUMMY SOUR CANDIES!! I have an enormous sweet tooth and go through phases with different candies. On Thursday afternoon, I had a hankering for sour, gummy candy. I checked the vending machines, the staff lounge, and all the usual candy places around school and I couldn’t find one single piece! It was all chocolate. I rectified the situation at the grocery store yesterday. The sour crawlers are an old favorite, but I’ve never had Starburst gummies before. If you haven’t tried them, you should!

We have a fun weekend planned with friends and family! The weather is supposed to be super sunny and I can’t wait to spend some time outside reading and enjoying the sunshine! Have a great weekend full of sunshine and books!

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  1. This Main Line Life says:

    My son would have loved those books when he was younger. Wow, I feel out of the loop. I used to know all the kid books. Have a great weekend.

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