September Goals – 9/18/19

Happy Wednesday! I am finally getting around to sharing my September goals. It seems a little silly to share them over halfway through the month, but the first 2 weeks of school are a little crazy so here we are.

Before we get to September goals, here is the update on my August goals.

☀️ Finish reading the books with each kiddo. I didn’t quite finish but we did make some progress. The kids have been reading a lot more lately and they don’t want to interrupt their reading time to read with me. We’ll keep reading though!

☀️ Eat from our freezer. We did a great job eating from our freezer when we ate at home. There is still a bunch left to eat so I’m going to continue this one.

☀️ Try to use eBay to sell some luggage. Nope! I did a little research but that’s it.

☀️ Read 6 books. I read just about six books in August. I finished the 6th book on September 1st. I’ll call it success! I read The Lilac Girls, The Unhoneymooners, The Summer Guests, The Islanders, Surfside Sisters, and Things You Save in a Fire.

☀️ Plan first 2-4 weeks of school before teachers go back. (I don’t think about school this early, but by the end of August I’ll be back to work) I did get my first 3 weeks planned and ready to go. I am so thankful because the beginning of school is extra busy. Part of my job is helping teachers with technology and finding materials and those are two big things on teachers’ minds during the first few weeks of school. It felt good to be ready to teach and do that part of my job!

☀️ Keep our island clear enough for homework and dinner.

Strategies: Deal with mail as soon as it comes in, file or recycle school papers, get back to the “no toys/treasures on the counter” rule

☀️ Make it to Day 1000 feeling good.

Strategies: Stretch, stretch, stretch, keep doing my nerve glide activities, ice/ibuprofen, and continue with my training plan runs

☀️ Have lunches packed by 5 pm.

Strategies: unpack and repack as soon as we get home

☀️ Keep up with meal planning/eat from the freezer and pantry

Strategies: keep an inventory of the freezer and pantry, don’t buy something if we still have that category in the freezer/pantry, write meals in my planner,

☀️ Get outside every day for at least 20 minutes because it’s still summer!! 😎

Strategies: walk at lunch, run outside instead of on the treadmill, read outside, do some weeding

☀️ Read 6 books – 4 adult books and 2 kids books.

Strategies: always keep my book with me, read during practices, less tv at night and more reading, set aside time at work each day to read the books, get up a little earlier some mornings to read (that’s a big maybe).

Those are my goals for the month! The hardest will definitely be the counter. Our counter is the catch all in the house but I am determined to keep it ready for homework and dinner! I’m off to a good start (in the middle of the month). 😉

Have a great day full of sunshine and books!

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  1. Mother of 3 says:

    Those are great goals! I find our counters can be catch-alls too unless I make sure to go through each evening and hold each person accountable for their “stuff”

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